John Lindsay


John Lindsay was born in Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania, in 1773 during an Indian uprising.


John Lindsay and Mary Glass were married Aug. 7, 1800.


Mary Lindsay departed this life January 9, 1811. Their children:


1. Rebekah Lindsay, Sept. 1, 1802

2. Polly Lindsay, Sept. 22, 1804

3. David H. Lindsay, Feb. 7, 1807

4. George G. Lindsay, Nov. 1, 1808

5. Amanda Luttan Lindsay, Dec. 25, 1810 (I wonder if Mary's death was a result of the birth of Amanda?)


John Lindsay and Sophia Lanterman were married Sept. 19, 1811. (b. 7 July, 1780; d. ca 1860 to 1870)


Children with Sophia Lanterman: 


6. John Peterson Lindsay, July 2, 1814  (Named after Sophia's Grandmother Elizabeth Petersen Lanterman.)

7. Abraham Lanterman Lindsay, Apr. 11, 1819 (Probably named after Sophia's brother or uncle.)


Abraham Lanterman Lindsay came to Kansas with his son Will, whose family have long been Bunker Hill Residents. His dau­ghter was Mrs. N. A. Elkins, an early day settler between Dorrance and Bunker Hill.   b. 11 April, 1819, St. Clair County, Illinois 


 Lucy Ann Wise m. 8 June, 1841 (b. 1823, Illinois; d. Jan. 1865, near Elkhart, IL)


1.        John D. Lindsay


2.        Nancy J. Lindsay



3.      Sophia May Lindsay Elkins


The Nathan Elkins came to Kansas in 1878. The family was Nathan and May Elkins and their children, Ed 1871, Eva 1876 and Myrtle 1879 and the mother of Mr. Elkins.


Mrs. May Elkins was the daughter of Mr. Abraham Lindsay.  The sister of Wil­liam and George Lindsay.  She died in 1885 at the age of 45.


The grandmother Mrs. Sarah Elkins died in 1888 at the age of 75.


A.     Ed Elkins grew up in this community but I find no record of his life after he drifted westward as a young man.


B.     Eva was married to (blank) McCoy they made their home at Utica, Kansas.  Mr. McCoy was killed in (blank) when a load of hay overturned on him. Mrs. McCoy lived out her life in Utica.


C.     Myrtle Elkins and Marian Cline were married Oct. 26, 1902. They made their home on a farm east of Bunker Hill; they were the parents 4 children.  2 sons who died in infancy. 


1.        Eva (Jan. 2, 1904--Nov. 4, 1915) and


2.        Bessie (Mrs. Wilbur Phillips) Mrs. Cline born Dec. 9, 1(9?)77 died April 4, 1912.


Bessie Phillips


Bessie Cline second daughter of Marion and Myrtle Cline grew up in the Bunker Hill community and attended school there. She was married to Wilbur Phillips of Luray Feb. 5, 1928.  They farmed in the vicinity until 1936 where they moved to Ft. Collins, Colo..  In 1953 they moved to Casper, Wyoming. They are the parents of six children, Marion Phillips of Ft. Collins, Colo. Lee Phillips, Tarrington, Wyo.  Mrs. Don (Ilene) Siegmund, Mrs. Kenneth (Donna) Avery, Mrs. Betty Harris all of Casper' and Miss Diane Phillips of the family home.


On Feb. 4, 1968 the above named children hosted an open house in honor of their parents fortieth wedding anniversary.


into their home Perry Houdyshell, a son of Ben Houdyshell, who drove Bessie to school in the Shetland pony cart that Mr. Cline had bought for his daughter Eva to drive.

After the death of Bessies mother in 1912 Mr. and Mrs. Max Brown cared for her and her sister.  Her sister Eva died in 1915.  The Browns also took Bessie remained with the Browns until her marriage in 1928.



4. William Henry Lindsay


A.   George A. Lindsay


George A. Lindsay, Eldest son of William and Mary Ann Lindsay was born Nov. 29, 1886 at Bunker Hill, Kansas.  He grew up in eastern Kansas and returned with his family to Bunker Hill in 1906. 


He was married to Eva Bennett July 19, 1916.  They made their home in and around Bunker Hill for several years.  When the (blank) elevator Mr. Lindsay was managing burned and Mr. Lindsay moved to Gove Kansas to manage an elevator there. 


Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay are the parents of 10 children: William, Kansas City; Lloyd, Vancouver, Washington; Duane, Hays, (Kansas); Mrs. Glenn (Vernadine) Noel, Portland, Oregon; Mrs. Claude (Gladys) Austin, Wakeeney; Mrs. Christian (Jane) Lurdenman, Morland; Mrs. Robert (Ann) Clark, Morland; Mrs. Frank (Grace) Dyer, Lompoc, California; Mrs. Russell (Mary) Wolford, Lincoln, Kansas; Mrs. Don (Erma) Hein, Rosenberg, Oregon.


Mr. Lindsay died Feb. 4, 1967.  He is survived by five sisters: Mrs. Ray Shaffer, Bunker Hill, Kansas; Mrs. Earl Cook, Mrs. John Ehrlich, Mrs. Norval Hoopman all of Russell and Mrs. Phil Shearer, Wakeeney, 27 grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Lindsay - Bennett


Mr. George Lindsay and Miss Eva Bennett, two of our most respected young people were married at the Methodist Parsonage Wednesday evening July 19th.


After a solo by Miss Irene Munson, the couple was joined in the holy bonds of wedlock with the beautiful ring ceremony.  Rev. A. J. Glanz, the M. E. Pastor officiating.  Norval Hoopman and Miss Stella Lindsay attended them.  Mrs. Glanz served light refreshments after the ceremony.


The community unites in congratulating these two worthy young people.


Bunker Hill Advertiser 1916


B.   Helen Ann Lindsay Shaffer


Mrs. Helen Shaffer, eldest daughter of William and Mary Ann Lindsay, was born March 17, 1888.  She spent her childhood in eastern Kansas and returned as a young lady to Bunker Hill in 1906. 


She taught school in and around Bunker Hill until Dec. 8, 1915 when she was married to Ray Shaffer.


They moved to a farm one mile north of Bunker Hill where they have spent their long married life.  They are the parents of one son, Glenn born (blank)


Helen has been very active in the political, social and religious life of the Bunker Hill Community.  She is a long time member of the Methodist Church and its Woman’s Society.  She has served both as treasurer for many years.  She joined the Bunker Hill O.E.S. in 1908 and has been active for more than 50 years.  She was especially honored by the O.E.S. in 1958 and received her 50-year pin.


She has been honored by the W.S.C.S. for her many years of faithful services.  In addition to treasurer she has also served as president of the W.S.C.S.


She has served the Republican Party in many capacities among them County Committee-woman.


On her 80th birthday her sisters were hostesses to an Open House honoring her birthday.


She and her husband, along with her sisters and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Shearer enjoyed a joint Open House celebrating the 50th anniversary of their 3 marriages all of which occurred in 1965.  Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer have been very active all of their life and still look after their wide business interests as well as still maintaining their own home.  They have one grandson Robert, son of their son Glenn.


Lindsay - Shaffer


The wedding bells rang merrily last Wednesday evening, December 8th at 8 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lindsay, two and one half miles southeast of Bunker Hill.


The parlor was beautifully decorated in white and pink carnations and roses twined and intertwined in wreaths of similax, whose rich deep green brought out the brightness and hue of the flowers.


The groom, Mr. Ray Shaffer and the bride, Miss Helen Lindsay, awaited in an adjoining room for the coming ceremony which was to make them husband and wife.

About 60 guests were assembled.


At the hour of 8:30, Mrs. Faye Shearer, sister of the bride, took her seat at the piano and accompanied Miss Edna Lindsay, Cousin of the bride, who sang in a rich clear

and inspiring voice "To Have, To Hold, To Love."  Mrs. Shearer played the Wedding March.  As the pianist played softly and sweetly the minister, followed by the groom, who was dressed in blue French serge, and the bride who was dressed in white crepep de chine trimmed with white fur and carrying a bouquet of roses and lilies of the valley, marched through the dining room and across the parlor to the beautiful decorations.  Here the minister, Rev. Archie J. Morton, cousin of the bride, read the ceremony.  Congratulations then followed after which a delicious dinner was served.


The groom, Mr. Ray Shaffer, is one of Russell County's enterprising young farmers. 

He was born in Russell County and graduated from Bunker Hill High School.  The bride, Miss Helen Lindsay, has been teaching school for the past 7 years.  Three of these were taught at Bunker Hill.



1.      Glenn V. Shaffer


Glenn V. Shaffer, son of Ray and Helen Shaffer was born Aug. 27, 1918 at Bunker Hill, grew up there and attended school there.  He attended the University of Kansas for 2 1\2 years.  Before leaving the Bunker Hill area he worked for Norval Hoopman in his general merchandise store for approximately a year.  After that he worked for the Boeing Airplane Company, where he met and married his wife Jean who was born and raised near Barnard, Kansas.  Also operated an automobile agency while living in Wichita.  In April 1949 he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where has worked for Sandio Corporation, a prim contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission, and as a real estate salesman, operating under his own broker's license.  March 30, 1952 his son Robert Ray was born.  The past few years he has helped his father with his farming during the summer months.  He has been active in the Republican Party, The Rio Grande Presbyterian Church and as Scoutmaster of troop 123 B. S. A.



C.        Katherine Maye Lindsay Cook


Maye Cook the second daughter of William and Mary Ann Lindsay was born in eastern Kansas.  She came with her parents to Bunker Hill, Kansas in 1906 where she completed her grade school education in 1907.  She became a schoolteacher in the Russell County schools until her marriage Feb. 4, 1915 to Earl Cook, a farmer west of Russell.


They lived on a farm west of Russell until they retired from farming and established a home in Russell.



Unidentified section…. previous paragraph unknown:


"They were the parents of 2 daughters; Mrs. Melvin Neill (Helengene) and Mrs. A. J. Mistler (Geraldine).  Mr. Cook died


Mrs. Cook is active in Church and Civic organizations.  She has also been a member of the Bunker Hill G.E.S. since 1908.  She also received special honors and her 50 year pin in 1958.


Mr. and Mrs. Cook celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1965 along with her sisters and husbands Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shaffer and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Shearer.


Mrs. Cook is still quite active and maintains her home in Russell.




Lindsay - Cook


Simplicity marked the pretty wedding of Mr. Earl Milo Cook and Miss Katherine Maye Lindsay which was solemnized Thursday evening Feb. 4 at 6 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lindsay, two miles south­ east of Bunker Hill.  The bridal party took their place under an arch of evergreen and white carnations while Miss Faye Lindsay, sister of the bride, played "June Roses” by George L. Spalding during the impressive ring ceremony of the Methodist Episcopal Church which was performed by Rev. J. E. (M?) Chambers, pastor of the local church.


The wedding unites two prominent families of Russell County.  The bride is a charming young woman, loved and admired by all privileged to know her.  She wore a gown of white satin charmeuse with shadow lace and pear1 trimming and carried a shower bouquet of bride's roses.  The groom, a son of Mr. And Mrs. W. W. Cook, is a prosperous young farmer of the Gorham Community. The young couple were the recipients of many rich and useful presents of silver, cut glass, and china.


The out of town guest were: Mrs. W. W. Cook of Russell, Arthur Cook of Manhattan, Mss. M. Helen Lindsay of Fall River, and Miss. Ann Abbott of Grainfield.  Other guests were immediate relatives and friends.  After congratulations and good wishes were offered, the guests were seated at tables where a delicious three-course dinner was served by Mrs. Phillips of Bunker Hill, assisted by the Misses Fay, Edna, Stella and Edith Lindsay.  At a late hour the guests departed, again wishing the happy young couple a safe journey and all the pleasures of a 2 months visit in California.  Mr. and Mrs. Cook will be at home to their friends after April 15, 1915, at the Cook Ranch 5 miles west of Russell.    Bunker Hill Advertiser




1.      Helengene Cook Neil


Announce Daughter's Marriage  (Second)


Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Cook of Russell announce the marriage of their daughter Helengene Eddy to Melvin E. Neil of Little River, on January 8 at 7:30 P.M. in the Plymonth Congregational Church in Wichita.


The double ring ceremony was performed by Dr. J. Henry Harrung before an altar decorated in yellow mums and white gladioli with the candelabras lighted by Fern Louise Ehrlich, cousin of the bride and Darlene Neil, sister of the bridegroom.  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shaffer sang “Because" and "The Lord’s Prayer”.


The bride wore a street length lace dress of burnt almond shade with brown accessories.


Her flowers were green orchids and she carried a white silk handkerchief worn by her grandfather at his wedding in 1885.  The bride's sister, Mrs. Alvin Mistler of Kansas City, acted as Matron of Honor.  Her dress was brown silk print and she wore white carnations.


Billy Neil of McPherson served as best man and Warren Neil of Great Bend and Alvin Mistler of Kansas City, served as ushers.


The bride's mother wore dusty rose crepe with a carnation corsage and the groom’s mother wore navy blue crepe with a red carnation corsage.


The reception was held at the home of the bride's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Creed. 


Mrs. Guy Lindsay, the bride’s aunt, poured assisted by Mrs. Billy Neil.  Miss Janet Mae Eddy served the brides' cake.


Immediately following the reception, the wedding party attended a dance held at the Blue Moon.


The bride and groom are now at home at 210 N. Cleveland, Wichita, Ks.



D.      Stella Lindsay Hoopman


Stella Lindsay, third daughter of William and Mary Ann Lindsay, was born in eastern Kansas and come with her parents to Bunker Hill in 1906.  She completed her education at Bunker Hill.


She graduated from high school in 1914.  She taught school until her marriage to Norval Hoopman


Her husband for many years was a successful businessman in Bunker Hill.  Mrs. Hoopman helped her husband in his store until his health failed.  After they closed out their store they moved to Russell where Mrs. Hoopman was employed for many years at the City Hospital.  Her husband died May 20, 1964.  Mrs. Hoopman is now retired and living in Russell. (1970)


Lindsay - Hoopman


Wednesday evening at eight o’ clock Stella Lindsay and Norval Hoopman were united in bonds of matrimony at the home of W. H. Lindsay.  Rev. Shultz officiating.  Edna Lindsay sang n Oh! Promise me.  The bridal party marched to the strains of “Lohengrin" played by Edith Lindsay a cousin of the bride.  The ceremony was before a bank of roses, bridal wreath and ferns.  After the ceremony Edna Lindsay sang “I Love You Truly”.  The bride was becomingly gowned in Georgette crepe over white chiffon taffeta silk, and carried a bouquet of white roses, carnations, orange blossoms, swan Sonia and ferns.  The groom was attired in the conventional black.  Many beautiful presents were received.


Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hoopman, Fred Hoopman, Helen Hoopman, Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shaffer, Mr. and

Mrs. H. M. Shaffer, Mr. and Ely Missimer, Mrs. Sally Harbaugh, Mr. and Mrs. George Hupfer, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Lindsay, Mr. and John Mahoney.  Others present were Charles Missimer, Stella Hupfer, Lily Missimer, Opal, Edith and Edna Lindsay, Hazel Missimer, George Missimer, Ferol Miller, Agnes Phillips and Lydia Steward.


Among others attending were Messer’s Raymond Balker, Frank Lindsay, Guy Lindsay.  Other out of town guests were Aunt Ann Abbot of Grainfield, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Cook, Geraldine and Helengene Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Missimer, Myrtle Missimer, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Shaffer of Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Shearer of Ogallah, Mrs. Chas. E. Rice of strong City, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Penix and Clyde Penix of Kanopolis.  The Advertiser extends heartiest congratulations.


1.      Woodrow William Hoopman


Woodrow William Hoopman, the son of William Norval and Stella (Lindsay) Hoopman, was born March 25, 1918 at Bunker Hill, Kansas, and departed this life on Dec. 14, 1952 at the age of 54 years, 8 months and 18 days.


Woody, as he was known to his family and friends, attended grade school and graduated from the Bunker Hill High School.  He also attended Kansas State College at Manhattan for one year.  During World War II he served in the Canadian and U. S. Air Force until he received a medical discharge.  He was a member of the Bunker Hill Methodist Church and Beulah Lodge No. 291 at Bunker Hill.


To Cherish his memory he leaves to mourn his untimely passing, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hoopman, one sister, Mrs. Wilmadean Duncan, Ray town, Mo., his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mary A. Lindsay and other close relatives and friends.


Woodrow William Hoopman


Funeral Services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Bunker Hill Methodist Church for Woodrow William Hoopman, 34 year old Bunker Hill resident who died last Saturday night or Sunday morning of accidental asphyxiation in his trailer home in Bunker Hill.  Rev. W. H. Jenkin and the Deines Funeral Home had charge of the rites.  Masonic rites were held prior to burial in the Bunker Hill Cemetery.


Mr. Hoopman1s death resulted from gas, which filled the small tightly­ closed trailer house from an open burner where the fire had evidently gone out unnoticed by Mr. Hoopman.  The trailer house was parked in the yard of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hoopman and his mother discovered his body when she investigated the trailer Sunday evening after seeing a light in the trailer although they had not seen their son around the trailer all day. The ruling by accidental asphyxiation was made by the coroners jury of Wendolin Knoll, Ernest Hill, Byron S. Chegwidden, Elba Brown, Ted Forney and Jerry Kennedy, who were impanelled by Justice of Peace George Woelk to check into the death.




   2.  Wilmadean Hoopman Duncan


Wilmadean Hoopman, daughter of W. Norva1 and Stella Hoopman, was born

August 3, 1928.  She grew up in Bunker Hill Community and graduated from High

School there in 1946.  She was Harried to Bob Duncan of Lucas Nov. 3, 1946.


They have made their home at Kansas City since 1947.  They are the parents of 2 sons, Brad 15 (1969) and Scot 12 (1969).  Mr. Duncan is employed by "Bill Neal Downtown Chrysler - Plymouth" 28th and Main in Kansas City.


From Bunker Hill School Roster 1966.


    E.   Faye Lindsay Shearer


Faye Shearer was born in Eastern Kansas and came with her parents to Bunker Hill in 1906. She completed her education here. She was married to Phil Shearer August 25, 1917.  They lived around Bunker until 1929.  When they moved to Wakeeney. Mr. Shearer died April .?.., 1970. They were the parents of two child­ren Rex and Phyllis.


Mrs. Shearer continues to make her home at Wakeeney.


Shearer-- Lindsay


Phillip G. Shearer and Miss Faye Lindsay were married at Russell by Rev. Lamont, pastor of the U. B. Church, Thursday August 25, thereby springing a sur­prise on many of' their friends.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lindsay and is one of the best young women of our community.  The groom a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Shearer has been employed at the Farmers Union as assistant manager for some tine and is developing into a good businessman. The Adverti­ser joins their many friends in wishing them every joy on their journey thru life together.



1.  Rex Shearer


Rex Shearer son of Phil and Faye Shearer was horn June 11, 1916.  He moved with his parents to Wakeeney, Kansas in 1929?.  Rex’s first wife died in childbirth and his son Lanny Shearer was raised by his parents.  He was remarried, (Ann Brown) and has 3 daughters by this marriage, Peggy, Sherry and Ruth.  His present home is at Wakeeney, Kansas.


    2.  Phyllis Shearer Cannon


Phyllis Shearer daughter of Phil and Faye Shearer was born Dec. 18, 1917.  She moved with her parents from Bunker Hill to Wakeeney, Kansas in 1929. Phyllis was married to (Ralph) Cannon, Hays Kansas. Phyllis home is at Wakeeney.­


E.      William Guy Lindsay


Services for William Guy Lindsay, 66 of 2957 Glen Oaks Drive, who died Friday will be at 1:30 P.M. Monday at Broadway Mortuary.  Burial will be in the Richland Cemetery, southeast of Rose Hill.


Guy Lindsay, son of William and Mary Lindsay was born at Waverly, Kansas June 18, 1900.  He moved to Bunker Hill with his parents in 1906.  He graduated from high school here in 1919.  For several years he taught school in Russell County schools, 3 years in Bunker Hill.  He moved to Wichita in 1928.  In June 1929 he was married to Eva Shaffer.  They were the parents of one son Robert G(uy).


He operated a service station at 145 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas.  He was a member of the Elpyco, Church of Christ, Wichita, York Rite Bodies and Masonic Lodge.  He was also a member of the Uptown Retailers Association and Kansas Gasoline Retailers Association.


Survivors include his widow Eva; a son Robert G., Denver; a brother George, Morland, Kansas and five sisters, Mrs. Ray Shaffer, Bunker Hill, Kansas; Mrs. E. M. Cook, Mrs. W. N. Hoopman, and Mrs. John D. Ehrlich, all of Russell, Ks., and Mrs. P. G. Shearer, Wakeeney, Kansas


Mrs. Lindsay was from Wichita, Kansas, but she taught 3 years as primary teacher in the Bunker Hill Schools.


F.      Opal Louise Lindsay Ehrlich


Opal Lindsay, fifth daughter of William and Mary Ann Lindsay, was born (blank)


She attended school at Bunker Hill and at Luray where she graduated in 1925. 

She was a teacher in Russell County Schools before and after her marriage to John Ehrlich, which occurred (blank)


They were residents of Bunker Hill from 1935 until 1949, when they moved to Russell.  During their residence at Bunker Hill, Mrs. Ehrlich taught in the Bunker Hill Schools.  She was County Superintendent of Schools.


She is presently (1970) teaching in the Russell Schools.  Mr. Ehrlich is employed at the Russell City Hospital.  They are the parents of 3 children; Fern Louise e, born March 29, 1929; John Gordon, born August 13, 1932 and died June 8, 1949; and Lynn Marie, born (blank) and died (blank) 


The latter two lost to their parents in tragic circumstances; Gordon in a car accident and Lynn Marie with cancer at the age of five.


Mrs. Ehrlich is very prominent in Republican Political Affairs and the Professional and Business Women’s Club of Russell.  Also in the O.E.S.


1.   Fern Louise Osborn


Fern Louise Ehrlich, eldest daughter of Opal and John Ehrlich, was born March 29, 1929.  She attended school in Bunker Hill, graduated in 1947.  Attended Burroughs Adding Machine and Calculator School, Kansas City, Mo.  She worked for G. M. C.

1 1/2 years, also for Morton Salt Company.  Returned to Russell to work for Glenn V. Banker.  She was married Oct. 7, 1951 to James H. Osborn.  She worked in Ft. Hancock, New Jersey while her husband was in service.  Since his discharge, they have lived in Missouri and at Newton.  At present she is working as an abstract typist for Regier Loan and Abstract Company.  Mr. and Mrs. Osborn are the parents of 3 children; Keith (1952), Kathy (1954), and Mike (1955).


Ferne Louise currently lives in Little Rock, AR; married to Don Himes 7/15/2006




Ehrlich - Osborn


The former Miss Fern Ehrlich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ehrlich of Russell, became the bride of James H. Osborn, son of Ted A. Osborn of Kansas City, Mo., in a double ring ceremony held at Trinity Methodist Church on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct 7.  Mrs. Osborn was employed for the past two years in the law office of Glenn V. Banker.  Her husband is a veteran of World War II and also of 14 months service in the Korean Conflict.  He has one more year to serve in the U. S. Army.


2.          John Gordon Ehrlich


John Gordon Ehrlich son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ehrlich was born Aug. 13, 1932 at Lawrence, Kansas.  He moved with his parents to Bunker Hill in 1935 and had lived there since. He became a member of the Methodist Church in 1945 and has always been active member singing in the choir the past two years


Gordon having reached the age or 16 years, nine months and 25 days, passed  away June 8, 1949, at the Russell hospital  as a result of injuries received in a car accident. He leaves behind him, his mother and father, one sister, Fern Louise, and his grandmother, Ms. Mary A. Lindsay; his grandfather, Carl Ehrlich, and uncles aunts, cousins and a host of friends.  One sister, Lynne Marie, pre­ceded him in death in 1945.


Gordon was one of the stars of Bunker Hill school in athletics, dramatics, music and his studies.  He would have been a senior this year with his eyes set on K. U. after that.  He was one who was loved by both young and old.   He made friends everywhere.  He will be missed greatly and his place will be hard to fill.


Services were held at Bunker Hill Methodist Church Sat. June 11, with the Rev. W. H. Jenkin officiating. Kenneth Rogg and Melvin Neil sang “Day is Dying in the West" and "No Night There".  Melvin Neil sang a solo “My Task” Mrs. Warren Hupfer accompanied.  Honorary pall bearers were Raymond McCa(b?)e Richard

Kaps, Jerry Mills, Jack Lantz, Joe Mills, Charles Wilson, Ervin McCabe and Bill Goodheart.  Active pallbearers were Glenn Shaffer, Woodrow Hoopman, Rex Shearer, Robert Reissig, Bernard Ehrlich and Leo Wittman.  Interment was in the Bunker

Hill Cemetery with Deines Brothers in charge.


3.              Lynne Marie Ehrlich

Lynne Marie Ehrlich was born June 26, 1940, the daughter of John and Opal Ehrlich. She was called to her Heavenly Home July 5, 1945 at the age of 5 years and nine days. She was baptized at the Methodist Church in Easter Sunday 1941.  Sunday School was her delight and Sunday a day she waited for eagerly.  Her brief years were full of enjoyment and she spread happiness wherever she went. To know her was to love her.


She leaves to mourn their loss her parents, one sister, Fern Louise and one brother Gordon Ehrlich, one grandmother Mrs. Mary A. Lindsay, one grandfather, Carl Ehrlich, uncles, aunts and cousins and friends.


Services were held at the Methodist Church at Bunker Hill, July 8 with Rev. C.  E. Spalding officiating.  The pallbearers were Don Kaps, Bob Goodheart, Billy Goodheart, and Jimmy Quint.


Misses Virginia and Edna Dauber , Norma Towers, and Loretta Dougherty accomp­anied by Miss Sarah Lee Goodheart sang "Jesus  Loves Me”, “When He Cometh" and “Cradle Song" the last being a favorite of Lynne’s and one which she sang.  Interment was made in the Bunker Hill Cemetery with Deines Brothers in charge.




G.        Eva Elizabeth Lindsay


H.        George B. Lindsay


I.           Harriet C. Lindsay



Mary Glass m. 7 August, 1800; d. 9 January, 1811

(First Wife of John Lindsay)


A.        Rebecca Lindsay


B.        Polly Lindsay


C.        David H. Lindsay


D.        George G. Lindsay


E.         Amanda Luttan Lindsay


James Young Family (relationship unknown)


The FAMILY of James Young lived for many years on a farm east of Bunker Hill, on the farm later owned by Elmer Shaffer. Mr. James Young was a cousin of the children of John Lindsay’s first marriage.

The family consisted of 5 Children; Frank E. Young Who graduated with the first graduating class of Bunker Hill High School; Nannie C.Young, Silas A. Young, Henrietta Young and Myrtle Young.

They came to Bunker Hill about 1880 and lived here until 1897.

Members of the Young family moved to Western Kansas about 1892.  Frank lived near Utica, Kansas.  Myrtle, Mrs. Elling, lived at Buler, Kansas.


Nancy Catherine Young was married to William L. Terry June 24, 1896 at Bunker Hill, Kansas.  She lived in Newton, Kansas from 1911 until her death in 1946.  She was 80 years old, having been born in Springfield, Illinois March 26, 1866.


John Lindsay


John Lindsay was born in Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania, in 1773 during an Indian uprising. While he was a child he went with his parents to Virginia, and from there to Kentucky about 1800.


John Lindsay and Mary Glass were married Aug. 7, 1800.


Mary Lindsay departed this life January 9, 1811.


John Lindsay and Sophia Lanterman were married Sept. 19, 1811.




1. Rebecca Lindsay, Sept. 1, 1802

2. Polly Lindsay, Sept. 22, 1804

3. David H. Lindsay, Feb. 7, 1807

4. George G. Lindsay, Nov. 1, 1808

5. Amanda Luttan Lindsay, Dec. 25, 1810


6. John Peterson Lindsay, July 2, 1814

7. Abraham Lanterman Lindsay, Apr. 11, 1819


John Peterson Lindsay                                                                 


John Peterson Lindsay aged 78 years and 6 days, July 8, 1892.  He was born in Fleming Co. Kentucky, July 2, 1814.  About 1817 his parents moved to Madison Co. Ill.  Then in 2 years, on to Sangamon Co. Ill.  Here Mr. Lindsay grew to man­hood and married Virginia Young.  This union was blessed with 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters.  His wife died and he married Elizabeth Ann McCandless in 1852.  This union was blessed with 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters.  His wife and 9 children survive him.  In 1879 he moved to Kansas, sett­ling on the farm where he died.  Rev. Nash officiated at Funeral Services.




Children from his first marriage: Mary Jane (Mrs. Seth Moore), Melissia Morton, Mrs. Eliza Smith, Newton Lindsay and John Wilburn Lindsay. One child died in infancy.


1)        Mary Jane Lindsay Moore was born in Springfield, Ill., July 27, 1840, died at her home in Wilson, Kansas August 26, 1921, age 81 years and 29 days. 


We pensively mark the lapse of time by the vanishing of faces dear and the hushing of familiar voices, but out sad abstraction is happily broken by the prophet spoke has downed for our fellow laborer, "That day when the Lord of Hosts shall be for a crown of glory and for a diadem of beauty unto His faithful servants."


Miss Mary Jane Lindsay was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Seth Moore in Lincoln, Ill., March 24, 1859.  To this union there were born 8 children, 5 had de­parted this life, the 3 survive, two were present at the time of the death of their mother, Mrs. Elmer Shaffer of Bunker Hill Kansas, and Mrs. Hammond of Mitchell, Neb.  She with her hus­band came to Kansas in 1877 and located at Bunker Hill where they lived until 10 years ago when they located in Wilson. 


The treasurer of discipline and of love were found in the life of this honored citizen.


She obtained without seeking it, an impressive weight among her friends because of the strength of an unusual character, a character that never covet­ed ease; choose the steep and rugged path where duty leads the way.  Having found this life she united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1874, through incessant devotion to the daily life found the kingly road that "way of the just which shineth brighter and brighter unto the dawning of the day."



Married 61 years


Mr. and Mrs. Seth Moore of Wilson, Kansas are in the city, having arrived here October 18 to celebrate their "honeymoon" consequent upon their marriage just 61 years ago. 


Mr. Moore says that they secured their license to marry on March 24, 1859 from County Clerk Jenkins and that he was married to Mary J. Lindsay, daughter of J. P. Lindsay of West Lincoln.  They moved from Lawndale to Russell Co. Kansas 43 years ago and settled near Bunker Hill.  They now live in Wilson, Ellsworth County, Kansas and came back from there in October to the home of John Primm near the city. 


They found many changes in the city and vicinity es­pecially in the personnel of the residents.  They have many friends in Chatham and Springfield and were extended a very warm reception by neighbors and old friends.


Both Mr. and Mrs. Moore are well and hearty.  Mrs. Moore is 80 years of age and Mr. Moore is 83.  The latter served four years and twenty-seven days in Co. A, 47th Ind. infantry during the Civil War.


Lincoln, Ill. Herald


a)         Moore – Hammond


b)       Dora Moore Gross


Dora Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Moore, was born July 20, 1866.  She was married to Joe Gross, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gross, in April 1886.  She died Nov. 20, 1888 in childbirth at the age of 22 years and 4 months.


c)        Mrs. Alice Moore Shaffer


Alice Shaffer was born January 15, 1870 at Lincoln, Illinois, the daughter of Seth Moore and Mary Jane Lindsay. 


She passed away at the Russell Hospital August 30, 1959 at the age of 89 years, 7 months and 15 days.


She came to Russell County Kansas with her parents by covered wagon at the age of seven and since then has resided in the county.


She was married to Elmer F. Shaffer on December 17, 1896.  To this union were born five children, two of whom pre­ceded her in death, Charlie Francis in infancy and Joseph Earl on February 14, 1937.            


In addition to her husband Elmer F. Shaffer of Bunker Hill, she is survived by one son, Carl of Bunker Hill, and two daughters, Blanche Caprez and Juanita Rohe both of Waldo.



2)        Melissa G. Lindsay Morton


3)       James Newton Lindsay


James Newton Lindsay was born in Sangamon County, Ill., July 30, 1841.  He was the son of John P. and Virginia Lindsay.  He departed this life at the home of his nephew, George N. Morton June 8, 1933 at the age of 88 years, 10 months and 8 days.


At the age of 17 years on January 26, 1864 he enlisted in the 64th regiment, Illinois Infantry where he served as a private until honorably discharged on July 11, 1865.  "Uncle Newt" grew to manhood near Springfield in the vicinity of the home of Abraham Lincoln.  He has told many times of sitting on the lap of Abraham Lincoln and while in the army obtained a pass and visited the President in the executive office. 


In April 1879, Uncle Newt came to Kansas In a covered wagon in company with his a sister Mrs. Melissa G. Morton and her family of four children, with whom he had made his home since his discharge from the army.  Mr. Morton had arrived in Bunker Hill earlier and taken a homestead northeast of town, but was taken sick and died before he could return to bring his family to their new home.  Uncle Newt remained with his sisters' family through the struggles of pioneer days until the children established homes of their own.


Uncle Newt was a plasterer by trade.  He plastered 32 churches, among them the Lutheran Church of Bunker Hill and to each he donated $100.


Soon after his discharge from Military service he united with the United Brethren Church.  He was a Charter Member of Beulah Lodge No. 291 and Crystal Chapter No. 61 at Bunker Hill and a member of R. A. M. M. 61 of Russell.  He had been a member of the Masonic Lodge in Iowa for many years before the institution of Lodges in Bunker Hill.  He was an honorary member of the Ladies of the G. A. R. No. 143


During the past six years he had lived at the National Military Home near Leavenworth, Kansas.  As his health failed his thoughts turned toward his old home and seven weeks ago he returned to Bunker Hill, where surrounded by those he loved and cared for as children, he rested and welcomed the visits of old friends and relatives until on June 8, he was called to answer the final roll call.  He was the last Civil War Veteran to answer taps from this community.


He leaves to mourn his death two sisters, Florence Kerr of Great Bend and Winifred Blackburn of Harper and one brother Charles E. Lindsay of Bunker Hill, five sisters and one brother have preceded him in death.


Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Lutheran Church.  Rev. F. C. Trauterman had charge of the service.  Interment was made in the Bunker Hill Cemetery.  Honorary Pallbearers were Harry Keller, George Wolf, C.F. S. Aims and P. S. Crosse, Civil War Veterans from neigh­boring communities. Active pallbearers were; Clyde Penix, Clare Morton, George Morton, Joe Shaffer, Lyle Shaver and Dale Lindsay, great nephews and nephew of the deceased.


4)        Elizabeth Lindsay born Feb. 5, 1846 died in her youth.


5)       Eliza Anne Lindsay born Sept 15, 1848.  She was married to ____Smith.  They lived in Nebraska.


6)       John Wilburn Lindsay born March 22, 1850.  He came with his family to Bunker Hill.  He later moved on to Trinidad, Colo. where he married and raised a family.



Elizabeth Ann (McCandless) Lindsay


Elizabeth Ann Lindsay, nee McCandless was born in Butler Co. Pa., Sept. 6, 1832.  Her father moved his family to Illinois when she was 17 years of age.  Later she came to Kansas, arriving on April 16, 1880, settling on the farm where she resided until her death, October 4, 1915, aged 83 years, 28 days.


At the age of 20 she was married to John P. Lindsay who died in 1892.  She was the mother of seven children, four of whom preceded her to the other world, Geo. Nelson and David Abraham died in infancy, Mrs. Amos Bailey died in 1888 and Mrs. E. R. Lentz in 1914.  Those surviving are Charles E. Lindsay of Bunker Hill, Mrs. W. H. Kerr of Great Bend and Mrs. A. M. Black­burn of Harper.  She was the second wife of her husband.  Of the first family three children survive, Mrs. Seth Moore of Wilson, J. N. Lindsay of Bunker Bill and J. W. Lindsay of Trinidad, Colorado.  One died in infancy, Mrs. Smith in Nebraska and Mrs. Melissis Hoopman in Bunker Hill in 1905.


Mrs. Lindsay united with the Lutheran Church in Bunker Hill on April 16, 1881 so she was for over 34 years a member and for sometime before her death the oldest member.


                  Mrs. John Wilkins


Margaret McCandless was born March 15, 1840 in But­ler County Pennsylvania and was reared in Sangamon County, Illinois near Springfield.  In April 1880 she moved from Logan Co. Ill. to Russell Co. where she has lived ever since.  She was married to Robert Row October 22, 1882 who died in February 1897.  Margaret Row married John Wilkins Nov. 8, 1905. She died Sept. 5, 1908, being 66 years, 6 months and 20 days.


She was a member of the Lutheran Evangelical Church, a consistent Christian, a kind companion and one who always had a helping hand for the innocent, helpless and needy.


The Rev. J. Kuhn of St. E1mo, Illinois preached the sermon from 2 Cor. 1:1.



Children from his second marriage: Geo. Nelson and David Abraham died in infancy, Mrs. Amos (Alma) Bailey died in 1888, Mrs. E. R. (Belle) Lentz, Mrs. W. H. (Florence) Kerr, Mrs. A. M. (Winifred) Blackburn and Charles Lindsay.


1)        Sophia Belle Lindsay Lentz, born on Saturday Aug. 27, 1853.  She was married to E. R. Lentz.  They made their home in Missouri.  She visited her relatives in Bunker Hill often.  She died in 1914 at the age of 61 years.  They later moved to Great Bend where they raised their family of 5 daughters and one son.


2)            George Nelson Lindsay was born Monday, April 30, 1855.  He died in infancy.


3)           Florence Palmer Lindsay Kerr was born Friday, Nov. 14, 1856 near Lincoln, Ill.  She came with her family to Bunker Hill in 1880. She was married to W. H. Kerr of Barton County, Aug. 30, 1881.  They lived for a time near Bunker Hill and 2 infant sons were buried in the Bunker Hill Cemetery.


Mrs. Kerr died Feb. 15, 1947, at the age of 91 years.


Mr. Kerr died_________ (End of copy)


4)       Alma M. Lindsay Bailey– Amos Bailey


5)       Charles E. Lindsay


Charles Edwin, son of John P. and Elizabeth McCandless Lindsay, was born near Lincoln, Illinois, July 13, 1869.  He came with his parents to Kansas in 1880 to the southeast corner of Bunker Hill, which was to be his home until his death.


June 27, 1892 he was united in marriage to Iva Missimer.  For this union were born six children:  Lawrence E., Tulsa, Okla.; Frank M., Glendale, Calif.; Edna Washburn, who preceded the father in death in 1929; Edith M. Carter, Compton, Calif.; Ethel M. Dana, Bunker Hill and Dale R., Thomasville, Georgia.


Following the death of his mother in 1915, he acquired the homestead of his parents and there, he spent his entire mature life, after an illness of several months surrounded by those he loved best his body ceased to suffer and his soul took its flight to the spirit land at the age of 78 years, 9 months and 1 day on April 14, 1948.


He leaves to mourn his decease the wife, who for 56 years shared the joys and sorrows of early day life in Kansas; the above the mentioned sons and daughters, 10 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and a host of friends.




Married at the Methodist parsonage in Russell by Rev. L. O. Housel, June 27, 1892, Mr. Charles E. Lindsay and Iva Missimer, both of Bunker Hill, Kansas.




a)       Lawrence Edwin Lindsay


Lawrence Edwin, eldest son of Charles and Iva Lindsay, was born Friday, March 3, 1893.  He attended school at Bunker Hill, graduating in 1911.  He attended Midland College and was a graduate of a Salina Business College.  Be was court reporter for Judge Rupenthal before going into the army in 1917.  He went to Tulsa, Oklahoma as a court reporter in 1919.  He was married to Eunice M. Eyler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eyler of Dorrance, Aug. 11, 1920. They are the parents of 3 children,

2 daughters, Frances and Iva Nell both married and living in Tulsa, son Charles is a Veterinarian at Brookville, Kansas.  There are 9 grandchildren.


From Bunker Hill School Roster 1966.




A wedding of interest to Bunker Hill people is that of Miss Eunice Eyler of Dorrance and Lawrence Lindsay, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lindsay of this area, which took, place Aug. 11 at Chapman, Kansas.  The Rev. Koegle officiated as he did several years ago at the wedding of the brides' parents. The bride and groom left in their car for a two weeks wedding trip to Colorado and expect to locate in Oklahoma where Mr. Lindsay holds a responsible position with a law firm. 


Lawrence E. Lindsay


Honored in Tulsa Lawrence E. Lindsay, U. S. District Court Reporter in Tulsa since 1943 and a former Russell County Court Reporter was honored by Judge Allen E. Barrow and the entire court re­cently upon his final day in the court.


Lindsay ended a 48-year career as court reporter when he officially retired.  However he says he isn't retiring com­pletely, but will free lance in the future. 


Lindsay has served in Oklahoma and Federal Courts of 10 judges since he began his career in Russell in 1916.  He went to the Tulsa Federal Court two years before there was an official federal court reporter.  He was officially named to the office on July 1, 1945.


Tulsa's Judge Barrow at a reception for Lindsay des­cribed him as "the epitomy of a reporter for the Federal Court."  "The entire court regrets losing you, Hr. Lindsay, and we only hope your successor will serve as well as you have”, the judge said.


Mr. Lindsay was educated in the Bunker Hill, Kansas’s schools, and attended school with Oscar Ostrum.  He succeeded Mr. Ostrum as court reporter of the 23rd judicial district early in 1916 and served here until he went into service in World War I.


After the end of the war he became a reporter in the state courts at Tulsa. 




b)        Frank Missimer Lindsay


Frank Missimer, second son of Charles and Iva Lindsay, was born at Bunker Hill Aug. 5, 1894.  He attended school at Bunker Hill, graduating from high school in 1913.  He taught 1 year of school at Elm Creek Rural School.  Later attended Mid­land College and Kansas State Agriculture College until military service, which he entered in December 1917.  He was discharged in 1919 and returned to Bunker Hill where he met Nora Greamba, a teacher in the Bunker Hill School.  He attended business college in Salina, Kansas, worked briefly in Salina and Okla­homa and then to California.  He was married to Nora Greamba in Los Angeles in 1926.  He went to work in Glendale Post Office in 1929 where he worked until retirement in 1959.  Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay then moved to Yucaipa, California, a community of about 20,000 people, mostly retired.


c)         Edna Anna Washburn


Edna A., eldest daughter of Charles and Iva Lindsay, was born Sept. 1, 1896.  She attended school at Bunker Hill, graduating from high school in 1915.  She was a graduate of Ft. Hays State College.  She taught at Elm Creek Rural School and one half term at Bunker Hill.  She married Oklie D. Wash­burn Sept. 21, 1918, a World War I soldier.  She died of tuberculosis, January 9, 1929.  Mr. and Mrs. Washburn were the parents of three children; LaRee Richards, Ruth Ann Childers and Ralph Eugene Washburn. These three children lived several years with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindsay during the time their mother was hospitalized and for some time after her death un­til they went to California to join their father.


d)      Edith Marie Lindsay Carter


Edith Marie, second daughter of Charles and Iva Lindsay was born April 26, 1899 at Bunker Hill.  She attended school. at Bunker Hill and graduated from there in 1917. 

She taught 5 years of school in rural schools in Russell County and at Bunker Hill. 

She attended Business College at Salina in 1922-23.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1923 where until 1955 she did secretarial and office work. She was married to Leland M. Carter May 20, 1920.  She has lived in Compton, Calif. since 1932.  Her husband is now retired.  Edith is very active in church work in the Methodist Church.  She and her husband are now living in retirement.  (1970)





Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lindsay have received word that their daughter, Edith Marie, was united in marriage to Mr. Leland M. Carter of Long Beach, Calif. on Tuesday May 20th.  The ceremony was performed at Glendale, a Methodist Minister officiating.  Immediately afterward the wedding party was en­tertained with a bontiful dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lindsay.  The following day the newly-weds began their

vacation together on a 32 passenger cabin plane bound for San Francisco.  They will be at home, 1(2?)4 S. Willow St., Compton, Calif., June 2.


Mrs. Carter is a graduate of Bunker Hill High School and afterward taught several terms in the country schools.  She was a student at Salina Wesleyan and for the past few years has been living in Los Angeles, where she has been employed as a stenographer. 1930




e)        Ethel May Lindsay Dana


Ethel Lindsay, third daughter of Charles and Iva Lindsay was born October 21, 1911 at her parents farm home.  She attended school at Bunker Hill, graduating in 1928.  She attended one year of college at Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She taught 6 years in rural schools of Russell County, Prospect-l year, Homer-4 years and Shannon-l year. 


She was married to Ted Dana, May 1, 1936.  Their child­ren are Theodore Paul, born Aug. 17, 1939 who now lives at Nevada, Missouri; James Richard, born July 13, 1945 of Bunker Hill; Frank Edwin, a sophomore at Ft. Hays State College (1969) who was born June 11, 1949 and Phillip Watson, sophomore at Russell High School (1969) born Aug. 7, 1953.


Ethel has been very active in community affairs, especially those of the Methodist Church of which she is a member.  She has vocal talents as a singer and is always

Will­ing to use this talent whenever ask to do so.


(1)    Ted Paul Dana


Theodore Paul, eldest son of Ted and Ethel Dana, was born August 17, 1939.  He attended school at Elm Creek and Bunker Hill and graduated high school in 1956.  He attended college at Ft. Hays State, Joplin Jr. College, Crowder Jr. College, Neosho, Missouri and Missouri Southern College, Joplin, Missouri.


He first worked for the Kansas State Highway Depart­ment.  Then was employed by North American Aviation Inc., Rocketdyne-Division, Neosho Plant on March 17, 1958 as a Data Reduction Clerk.  Since that time has been promoted to Data Reduction Analyst, Assistant Engineering Computing and pres­ently a computer programmer on an IBM computer system.


He was honored and received a $1,000 award for a special suggestion, which saved the company time and money.


He was married to Judith Newton of Russell on May 31, 1958 in Russell, Kansas.  They have 2 children; Penny, 7 years old and Todd 3 years old. 


The above taken from Roster of Bunker Hill School. 1966.


At the present time they live at Nevada, Missouri. '70


(2)    James Dana


James Richard, second son of Ted and Ethel Dana was born July 13, 1945.  He grew up on the family farm near Bunker Hill.  He received his schooling in the Bunker Hill schools, graduating in 1963.  He was married to Crystal Cook August 15, 1964.  He was employed for 2 years by the county highway dept. He enlisted in the U. S. Air Force but received a medical dis­charge.  After his return home he became a truck driver for a long distance hauling firm.  They lived for 2 years in El­dorado before moving back to Bunker Hill in fall of 1969.  Mr. and Mrs. Dana are the parents of a son, James Rockford born March 7, 1968. Their daughter Rosalie was born Nov. 18, 1970.  The Dana’s moved to Garden City, Kansas Nov. 1970.


(3)     Frank Dana


Frank Dana, third son of Ethel and Ted Dana, was born June 11, 1949. 


He attended school at Bunker Hill until the high school closed.  He graduated from the Russell High School in 1968.  In high school he was active in debate w6rk.  He is

presently (1970) attending college at Ft. Hays State College as a sophomore.  He hopes to be a teacher and is majoring in psychology.


(4)     Philip Dana


Philip Dana, fourth son of Ethel and Ted Dana, was born Aug. 7, 1953. 


He attended grade school at Bunker Hill and is pres­ently (1970) attending high school at Russell.



f)           Dale Richard Lindsay


Dale Richard (Aug. 9, 1913), the third son of Charles and Iva Lindsay.  He graduated from Bunker Hill High School in 1931.  Dale atten­ded several colleges and universities, attendance usually de­pendent upon where he could get a job.  At the university of Kansas he discovered an interest in biological science and received the A. B. and M. A. Degrees in entomology from K. U. in 1937 and 1938. He was married in 1937 to Sybil Anne McCoy of Wilson, Kansas. A job on the staff at Iowa State College provided the opportunity to work toward the PhD. Degree there together with summer work in the U. S. Department of Agriculture in various states and he received a PhD. in 1943.



He was commissioned an officer in the U. S. Public Health Service.  He intended to return to teaching at the end of World War II, but instead spent over 20 years in very in­teresting work in medical entomology research, and research administration in the public health service.  He retired in 1963 from the Public Health Service as Chief Division of Re­search Grants, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md. 


Upon retiring from the Public Health Service, he went to Massachusetts General Hospital as deputy to the general director.  In July 1965, he accepted a position at the University of California to assist the Chancellor in building several schools of Health Science beginning with the Medical School.


Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay are the parents of three daugh­ters; Martha Lou (Mrs. Thomas Rex McKay of Tyler, Texas), Judith Anne Lindsay and Patricia Dale Lindsay.  The McKays have 3 children.


From the High School Roster 1966.


Bunker HILL (?)


Name to Research Grants Post


Dr. Dale R. Lindsay, holder of two degrees from the University of Kansas, has been named Chief of the Division of Research Grants for the National Institutes of' Health, Bethesda, Md.  The institute allocates many millions of dollars each year for research in medicine and allied sciences and are part of the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare.


10)                  Winnie M. Lindsay



6)          David Abraham Lindsay (Died in infancy.)



Mary Glass m. 7 August, 1800; d. 9 January, 1811

(First Wife of John Lindsay)


A.           Rebecca Lindsay


B.        Polly Lindsay


C.        David H. Lindsay


D.        George G. Lindsay            


E.        Amanda Luttan Lindsay