David Wilcox has his own unique way of conducting genealogical research and sometimes how he expresses his findings. In his presentation here, some of his dates and conclusions differ from my understanding about the early history of our mutual ancestor David Lindsay & his family. It’s OK. I’m forever correcting/revising/discovering facts missed/forgotten and/or otherwise misused!


 1782-1833, and their descendants

by David L Wilcox, Historian


(© 2011 All rights reserved.)  Proper citation is:  Wilcox, David L., "Lindsey Family of Cynthiana KY 1782-1833, and their descendants," (2011) from the Collection of David L Wilcox

             A miscellany of data exists, some of it attributable to Margaret I. Lindsay’s The Lindsays in America, (Albany, NY, 1889) and her informants,  which has given rise to certain misconceptions regarding the early generations of this family.  Records for both Augusta/ Yohogania (also spelled Yogohania) VA and Pennsylvania must be searched.  While many records do remain in Pennsylvania, not searching both has muddled the result.  Note, I use the Yohogania spelling rather than Yogohania; I've seen other spellings as well.

             The problem is that David B. Lindsay's son David Lindsay (b. 1754) is still believed by some to be the David Lindsay who died 1814 near Cynthiana KY.  Recent DNA studies have demonstrated that David B. Lindsay and his sons are from a different group of Lindsays from the Lindsays usually referred to as "of Harrison County, Kentucky."   In addition, it becomes probable that David, b. 1754 near Fort Pitt, having had a separate existence from our ancestor, is the David that married Olivia Soantling 22 Nov 1794 in Jefferson Co. KY.

             What follows is the documentation demonstrating the proper lineage for the Lindsays/Lindseys of Harrison Co. KY--or more specifically--of Cynthiana, in what was to become Harrison Co. KY.  Two major sources are used here:  (1.) the Makemson Family Bible (from Ancestry.com’s “Family Records from Old Bibles…,” pp. 58-59) and (2.) Lindsey Family Bible Records from an old family Bible, description and provenance below.  A 3rd "source" is also used, Emily Lindsey’s "Genealogy of the Lindsey Family" (1901), description and provenance also below.  I have absorbed Emily's work into this one, while recognizing it, and have added to it.  And, of course, Ancestry.com.

 About the sources 

(1.) Makemson Family Bible

            The Makemson Family Bible, hereafter referred to as MFB, is focused on the Makemson family, specifically having been passed down from the marriage of Thomas Makemson with Jane Lindsey.  The MFB spells Lindsey with an E.  It does not give the name of either wife of David Lindsay.  It does not give the true birth order of  Jane's siblings; I have tried to put some order to them.   With limited other information, the MFB provides the broad base for the extended cousinry, and has a simple back-reference to David, who quite credibly came from (but was not born) near the Forks of the Ohio.  It provides linking information and shows a context for the Lindsey Family Bible Records.   

(2.) Lindsey Family Bible Records

            What we, in my nuclear family, have always called the "Lindsey Family Bible" should more accurately be called "Lindsey Family Bible Records" and will be referred to here as LFBR.  It comprises several books of the Apocrypha and the family record pages attached.  The rest of the Bible has not been seen in a lo-ong time.   

            The language used in the Apocrypha is like the language of what is called the King James Version of the Bible.  This Apocrypha has marginalia.  Which particular Bible or edition has yet to be determined, but it is Royal Quarto (8 3/4 x 10 3/4 in.), Roman type-face from the early 19th century.  It, therefore, is not from the American Bible Society, as the American Bible Society did not publish the Apocrypha and did not use Royal Quarto until later in the century. 

            The condition can be described as "ripped out of the binding but still sewn together ."  The family record pages are more loosely sewn.  The coloration of the pages, with variable mottling, is comparable to the coloration of other early 19th century books using the same type of paper, in my "Old Book Collection."   

            The story that goes along with the LFBR is that the earliest records were copied into it from the gravestones in the cemetery, back when they were still readable.  The first eight entries give the appearance of having been written down in one consistent hand until 1831.  The same hand, judging from its floridity, continued the record.  The shape of some of the curlicues on the letter L changes in 1831, and is invariably reversed shortly after.  This can be explained by the passing of the role of record-keeper between 1831, when David Duncan Lindsey and Lydia Lamb married, and 1833, when David's mother Agnes Duncan Lindsey died.  It is noteworthy that members of the Lamb family were added at this time.  A Makemson appears in the records and can be shown to be a relative, therefore affirming the merging of these records.  The implication is that this was the family Bible record of Agnes and James Lindsey, as kept (probably) by Agnes in Kentucky, which passed into the hands of Lydia (Lamb) and David D. Lindsey, as kept by Lydia in Illinois.   

            The LFBR does not appear to have been kept up after 1847 and, at some point, passed to their youngest son Joseph.  The latest two entries are for Joseph (1854) and his next elder brother William (1851).  They are in a totally different hand, which entered Joseph as Joseph H. Lindsey rather than his parent-given name Joseph Macy Lindsey-- possibly by Joe's sister Emily when she was working on the family genealogy.   

            Provenance:  The LFBR was known to be in the hands of Amy (Lindsey) Porterfield, for quite some time; this was attested to by at least two of her daughters, Dorothy and Olive.  Amy's parents were Ella (Kirkman) and Joe H. Lindsey, the latter being one of the last two entries, the former being his wife who died in 1928.  At Amy's death in 1963, the LFBR came to her youngest daughter Olive Porterfield Wilcox, along with other documents (one of which, with its 1842 date, has been authenticated).   At the death of my mother in 1995, the LFB came into my hands and has become a preserved part of our heritage.  Since then, the entire collection is nominally The Collection of David L. Wilcox. 


[On last page of Apocrypha See Original]      Agnes Lindsey Died July 14th A.D. 1833

                                                           ____________Aged 46_years_old


[1st page See Original]                              Family Record        

                        BIRTHS                                                  BIRTHS

            David D. Lindsey                                          Mary J. Lindsey

                   was born                                                 was born November

            September 18th. A.D. 1807                        25th A.D. 1832

            ======================                ==================

                                                                                    Nancy [blot] Lindsey

            Hiram P. Lindsey                                          was born November

                  was born                                                  20th A.D. 1834 [The 4 is

            May 18th A.D. 1809                                      [over-written and rewritten]

            ======================                 ====================

            Emily A. Lindsey                                           (JohnCyrus Lindey [sic] was

                  was born                                                  born December 19.. 1836

            March 28th A.D. 1813                            =====================

            ==================                                Emily Lindsey was

            Wm T. Makemson                                          born Jan'y,, 29,, 1838

                    was born                                           ======================

            February 8th A.D. 1830.                                                       (Junior)

            ===================                             David D. Lindsey

                                                                                         was born

                                                                                    Oct.. 30th A.D. 1840



[2nd page See Original]                                   Family Record


                 James Lindsey and        

                 Agnes Duncan ware [sic]

                 Married Aug. 7th A.D. 1806


                 Robert Thompson and

                 Emily A. Lindsey was

                 Married April 13th 1831


                 Simeon Lamb and

                 Milley Brewer

                 ware [sic] Married

                 August 11th A.D. 1831    


                 David D. Lindsey and

                 Lydia Lamb ware [sic]

                 Married Dec. 1st  1831


 [3rd page See Original]                                         Family Record

                        DEATHS                                                        DEATHS

                 Rebekah Lindsey Senr.                           Nancy Lindsey Senor

                 Died February 20th A.D. 1792               Died Oct. 30th A.D. 1828

                       Aged 51 years old                             Aged 75 Years Old

                ========================       =====================

                 David Lindsey Senr.                                William Newell Died January

                 Died March 18th A.D. 1814                    3nd [sic] A.D. 1831 Aged 56 years old

                        Aged 74 years                               ==============================

                =======================                Isabel Newell died

                 David Lindsey Junr                                   May 29th A.D. 1831

                 Died Jan. 7th A.D. 1817                ========================

                 Aged 34 Years Old.                                 Agnes Lindsey died

                =======================                July 7th 1833

                 Agnes Duncan Sen'r.                               Aged 46 Years Old

                 Died Oct. 13th A.D. 1825               ====================

                 Aged 72 Years Old.                                 Hiram P. Lindsey

                =======================                died Aug. 20th 1833

                 David Duncan Senr.                                Aged 24 years old

                 Died April 9th A.D. 1827               ======================

                 Aged 94 Years Old.                                 Jane Lindsey Died

                =======================                Aug 29 1833

                 James Lindsey Senr                                Aged 20 years Old.

                 Died Aug 31st. A.D. 1827

                 Aged 50 Years


[4th page See Original]                                           Family Record

                        BIRTHS                                                          BIRTHS

                 Agnes Duncan                                          Wm. Edward Lindsey

                 Senr. was born 29th                                 was born Oct the 23rd 1851

                 March A.D. 1786

                ====================                       Joseph H. Lindsey was

                 Lydia Lamb                                               born Oct the 11th 1854.

                 was born 19th February

                 A.D. 1815


                 Lydia Ann Lindsey

                 was born November 18th

                 in the year 1842


                 Caroline^M Lindsey was

                 Born the 27th of March

                 in the Year 1845


                 Louisa Catharine Lindsey

                 was born December 6th 1847



(3.) Lindsey, Emily (comp.), "Genealogy of the Lindsey Family," (Feb. 1901), copied and with additions by Dorothy Porterfield Phelps (Apr. 1962), typescript, 30 pp.  

            Emily may have used Hinchman, Lydia, Early Settlers of Nantucket (1896) as her source for the Macys (Lydia Lamb Lindsey's ancestors). It pre-dated her completion date by five years.  She lifted the data without reference to the citations given.  The Lambs and Macys are not included in the current documentation. 

            The basis for the early Lindseys in her manuscript was the Lindsey Family Bible Records which provide corrections for some of Emily's or ensuing errata.   

            Emily did not cite her sources, but from what I can tell she did otherwise reasonably good work from various local sources, and getting names, dates, and places from almost all of her relatives. On the other hand some errors have crept in, fault undetermined (some typos) but, once corrected from the LFBR, essentially irrelevant. Nevertheless it is advisable to double-check her information.  Some of which I have already done along with additional research. 

(4.) Some U.S. Censuses and other family data for parts of this research were acquired before Ancestry. com was invented.  Nevertheless, Ancestry.com must be cited for many of them, although they can be otherwise found.  State Censuses, City Directories, and Passenger Lists, of course, can be found at Ancestry.com.  The several newspaper articles are individually cited but, again, are at Ancestry.com.  SSDI is also from Ancestry.com, although it can be otherwise accessed. 

First Generation

David Lindsey “Senior“ / Rebekah Lindsey “Senior”

(per LFBR et al.) 

            David Lindsey was born in 1739 or early 1740 (judging from his age at death), possibly in Virginia, possibly not.  He married Rebecca --? born in 1740 or early 1741, probably in Virginia.  They came individually or together to the area of the Forks of the Ohio before 1772.  Her maiden name may have been Parks [see reasoning below]. They were married presumably by 1772 when their eldest child (Eliza) Jane was born.  This is a relatively late marriage, considering their ages; it could indicate a previous marriage for one or both--or not.  There is a gap in their children from c. 1777 to 1782 during which time David was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.  (Penna. Arch. 4:747) 

            As the war wound down, between 1780 and 1782, when Pennsylvania was working toward establishing its authority over the Forks, David moved his family to Kentucky, settling three or so miles northwest of Cynthiana, west of the South Fork of the Licking River in that portion of Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. in 1786 which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  The birth of his fifth child near Cynthiana puts the family there in 1782.  KY Census for 1790 got lost.  David was appointed Harrison County's first coroner (Lindsey Cemetery sign) in 1794.   

            Rebecca died there 20 Feb 1792 aged 51 (while the area was still considered Bourbon Co) and was buried in what is now called the Lindsey Cemetery.  The sign for the cemetery states it was set apart about 1800, but Rebecca's death suggests an earlier date. 

            Two other wives had previously been suggested for David:  (1) Olivia “Livy” Soantling, married 22 Nov 1794 in Jefferson Co. KY, and (2) Nancy McNey/ McNay, married 17 Nov 1796 in Harrison Co. KY.  David's youngest child was b. 1789.  It is obvious that he had perhaps three wives, the first being the mother of his children, and Olivia and Nancy being 2nd and 3rd.   

            Discovering that Nancy Lindsey (d. 1828) (LFBR) is likely to have been the third (or possibly 2nd) wife of David Lindsey (d. 1814) (LFBR), puts a new perspective on who Rebekah (d. 1792) (LFBR) was, viz. David's first wife and mother of his children.  Rebekah, as first wife and mother, d. 1792 in Kentucky and was buried in the family cemetery.  Olivia may also be buried there, but neither the LFBR nor the condition of the cemetery allows us to assume that, which further suggests that Olivia was the wife of the other David Lindsey (b. 1754).  Although Olivia did not get into this record, Nancy Lindsey did, as step-mother to David's children.  This could be a partial explanation for why she later maintained her own residence instead of living with one of the kids.  (Step-mothers, y'know.) 

            David, therefore, married 2nd, Nancy McNey/McNay, 17 Nov. 1796 in Harrison Co. KY.  There was a David Lindsey who paid taxes in Harrison Co. in 1800.  There was a David Lindsey in Harrison Co. for the KY Census 1810, whose data does not match this family, marriages, etc. notwithstanding.  David died 18 Mar.1814, aged 74 years, and was buried in the family cemetery.  His son John was administrator of his estate in 1814.  Nancy survived him and appears in the 1820 US Census for Harrison Co. KY as the 1 female age 45+, and had 1 male between 10 and 15 yrs old (no evidence he was a Lindsey) in her household.  She died there 30 Oct 1828, appears in the LFBR, and was buried in the family cemetery. 

Second Generation

(per MFB & LFBR et al.) 

            While a small bit of the material here is selected from the lineage in Margaret I. Lindsay's The Lindsays of America (Albany, NY: Munsell, 1889), necessary liberties have been taken.  

            1. (Eliza) Jane Lindsey was b. 20 Feb. 1772, presumably near the Forks of the Ohio, Augusta Co., Virginia (later Yohogania Co. VA, then Westmoreland and Washington Counties PA).  She married Thomas Makemson on 26 Dec. 1793 in Harrison Co. KY.  They had 9 children between 1794 and 1817; moved to Vermilion Co. IL, 1829.  She d. 23 Dec. 1858, Danville, Vermilion Co. ILL. 

            2. John Lindsey, b. 1773, is reported to have said that he "was born in 1773 at Fort Pitt," (in M.I. Lindsay's The Lindsays of America Albany, NY: Munsell, 1889) Forks of the Ohio, Augusta Co. VA (later Yohogania Co. VA, then Westmoreland and Washington Counties PA).  He mar. Sophia Lanterman, 1811 in Kentucky.  In 1814 he was administrator of his father's estate.  They moved to Sangamon Co. IL in 1818, where, the following year son Abraham was born.  Sophia, widow, died after the 1850 US Census.  This branch of the family spells their name with the A, MFB notwithstanding. 

            3. Isabel (LFBR), b.c.1774 or Isabella (MFB), b.c. 1779, presumably near Forks of the Ohio, Augusta Co. VA (later Yohogania Co. VA, then Westmoreland and Washington Counties PA).  She married William Newell (b.c.1775) during the first decade of the 1800s.  A William Newell is in the 1830 US Census for Vermilion Co IL with 3 sons and 2 daughters.  He d. 3 Jan. 1831 (LFBR); she followed on 29 May 1831 (LFBR). 

            4. James Lindsey, b.c. 1777 (LFBR) presumably near Forks of the Ohio, Augusta Co. VA or Yohogania Co. VA (later Westmoreland and Washington Counties PA), depending on his actual date of birth.  He may be the James Lindsey in Harrison Co., KY Tax List Date 1800.  He mar. Agnes Duncan, 7 Aug. 1806 (LFBR).  The MFB calls her Nancy, which is either a nickname or a mis-recollection on the part of Jane.  Agnes, b. 29 Mar. 1786, was the daughter of Agnes (--?) and David Duncan (LFBR).  James and Agnes may be the Bourbon Co. family, not far away, in the 1810 US Census for KY; this family comprised 3M -10, 1M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1F 16-26, and 2 slaves; the additional male -10 and the 1 M 10-16 could have been from other parts of the family.  James is in the 1820 US Census for KY with 2M 10-15 (David and Hiram), 1M 26-44 (self), 1F -10 (Emily), and 1 F 45+ (Agnes).  See "Third Generation" for their children.            There is a piece of family lore that I incompletely picked up on, about two brothers who argued about whether the name was spelled with an E or an A.  It may have represented some kind of constant sibling disagreement on things.  Niggling in my mind is that it was about taking sides in the Revolutionary War.  Don't know of any brothers at that time, just David (c1740-1814) and the war was well over by the time his kids would have been of age to have that kind of disagreement.  It would have been a senseless argument by then anyhow.  Nevertheless the rumor of a disagreement on the A/E topic remains.  The result is that the line from son James and wife Agnes spells the name with an E, consistently, depending on the record-maker.  The MFB concurs with the E spelling.  On the other hand, I DO have a little difficulty imagining two backwoodsmen arguing about orthographics. 

            James died 31 Aug. 1827 aged 50 and was buried in the family cemetery.  Agnes d. 7 or 14 July 1833 (both dates are entered in LFBR ; Emily agrees with the former date) aged 46.  Agnes also was buried in the family cemetery.  There was a cholera epidemic in the area that summer, and others of the family followed her in death (see below @ "Third Generation"). 

            5. Margaret, called "Pegga," b. 1782, near Cynthiana, Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. in 1786 which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  Her birth in Kentucky proves that the family were here in 1782.  She married John (III) Makemson on 22 Oct. 1805 in Pendleton KY.  They moved to Ohio.  She d. 1845 in Logan OH.  As with her sister Jane, above, the Makemsons are not pursued here. 

            6. Mary, called "Molly," was possibly a twin b. in 1782, or was b. 1787, near Cynthiana, Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. in 1786 which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  She married John Glass on 11 Sep. 1807 in Harrison Co. KY.  He was b.c. 1772 in VA.  In the 1850 US Census for Parke IL he is listed as a widower with children. 

            7. David Lindsey, Jr., b. 1782 or '83 near Cynthiana, Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. in 1786 which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  Taken with the birth of Margaret, his birth in Kentucky proves that the family were here in 1782.  He mar. Jane/Jean Ferguson. Their three children were born in Harrison Co.:

                a. Nancy Hilyard Lindsey probably b.c. 1813, since David was born about   the year his father died, and John P. two years before that. 

                b. John Parks Lindsey, b.c. 1815, is in the 1860 US Census for Danville,  Newell Twp., Vermilion Co. IL., age 45, farmer, with wife Nancy, age 44, and 3 ch; Ralph M, age 21, Sidney I, age 18, Mary M, age 17; all 3 had               been b. in IL and been in school in the past year.

                c. David Henry Lindsey  appears in Vermilion Co. in the 1840 US Census as David H Linsey with his wife and eldest son.  He is probably the David Linsy, age 33 [b.c. 1817], farmer with $1500 real property, in District 21, Vermilion Co. IL in  the 1850 Census.  With him are wife Sophrona, age 29, b. IN, John, age 10, b. IL, W(illia)m, age 3, b. IL, and Mary, age 2/12 on 29 Nov., b. IL.  He was married three or four times over the years he lived near Higginsville in Pilot Twp., Vermilion Co. IL. 

            David d. 7 Jan. 1817 aged 34 and was buried in the family cemetery.  His widow married 2nd Ralph Martin in Harrison Co. KY on 8 July 1822 (Kentucky Marriages).  In 1828/29 they removed, with the Lindsey children, to Vermilion Co. IL, where they added Martin children.         

            8. Ann Lindsey was b.c. 1784, near Cynthiana, Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. in 1786 which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  She mar. Andrew Makemson, 4 Sep. 1800 in Harrison Co.KY.  There are more Makemson cousins here. 

            9. William Lindsey was b. 1786, near Cynthiana, Fayette Co. which became Bourbon Co. later that year and in 1794 Harrison Co.  He is known to have mar. Rebecca McDale, but she may have been his second wife.  William is in the 1820 US Census for Fayette Co. KY, which means he must have had to move there from what had become Harrison Co.  He d. 14 Oct. 1842 in Clinton, Decatur Co. IN; Rebecca died before the 1850 US Census. 

            10. Rebecca Lindsey was b.c. 1788, near Cynthiana, Bourbon Co. which became Harrison Co. in 1794.  She mar. William Montgomery, who was b.c.1786 in Pennsylvania.  They moved to Owen Co. KY where they are in the 1850 US Census with their three children. 

            11. Joseph Lindsey; the MFB lists a Joseph who, although in the penultimate position in the list, is not certainly the next to last child.  This is not the Joseph who married Ann Kennedy; that Joseph appears to document to another Lindsay DNA Group. 

            12. Samuel Lindsey, year and order of birth unknown; MFB puts him last.  He may be the Samuel Lindsey who d. 1814 or after in Kentucky, or the one who d.c. 1828.  He necessarily died after the death of the elder David Lindsey in 1814.  If he is actually the youngest, he could have been born as late as 1792, when Rebekah died, and would have been 21 or 22 when his father died.  

Third Generation

Children of James & Agnes (Duncan) Lindsey

(per LFBR et al.

            1. David Duncan Lindsey was b. 18 Sep. 1807 near Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY.  He removed to Vermilion Co. IL probably 1829.  He does not appear in the 1830 US Census for either Kentucky or Illinois, but may have stayed with cousins in Vermilion Co. IL for a short period of time, until he married and settled his own place.  He obtained 80 acres near Palestine from the General Land Office on 13 June 1831.  On 1 Dec. 1831, he married Lydia Lamb (Marriage License Abstracts for Vermilion Co, IL, 1826-1852, Illiana Gen. & Hist Soc, 1983).  She was b. 19 Feb. 1815 in Guilford County NC, of a Quaker family.  The Quaker records (Abstracts of the Records of the society of Friends of Vermilion Grove, Illinois, Illiana Gen. & Hist. Soc., 1970.) show her under her birth name and her married name, being disowned for marrying contrary to discipline.  Their first four children were born in Vermilion Co. IL.  At some point David may have returned to Kentucky, perhaps at the time of his mother's death, as the LFB came into his hands. 

            In 1839 or '40, they removed to Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  Four children were born there, and the whole family is shown in the 1850 US Census for Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN, David as a farmer with real estate valued at $2500, and all but the youngest two kids in school.  He and Lydia had one more child in Indiana before moving, in 1852 or '53 to Paris, Edgar Co. IL, where their youngest was born.  The farm was located in Twp. 20, Range 13 (or 12?  # unclear) in the 1855 Illinois Census, in which only the younger kids were counted. 

            In the 1860 US Census for Paris, Edgar Co. IL, David, with wife Lydia, is a Farmer with $6500 in real estate and over $2100 worth of personal property.  The oldest daughter has gone (married); two of his  sons work with him; two daughters are teaching; four of the kids have been in school. 

            In the 1870 US Census for Paris, Edgar Co. IL, David, with wife Lydia, is a Farmer with $15,000 in real estate and $2000 in personal property.  Three daughters (Emma, Annie, and Louisa) were remaining at home and the two youngest boys (Edward and Joseph) were in school. 

            In the 1880 US Census for Campbell Twp, Greene Co. MO, near Springfield, David, with wife Lydia, is a Farmer.  Two daughters remain at home (Emma, who has "Asma," and Louisa). 

            David--From findagrave.com:  Birth:  Sep. 18, 1807  Death:  Sep. 6, 1891 Burial: Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.  Lydia--From findagrave.com:  Birth:  Feb. 19, 1814 Death:  Dec. 5, 1893  Burial:  Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.  Note:  The LFBR birth year should be considered accurate.  Of 10 children, all of whom survived infancy, 3 sons and 5 married daughters survived them.  See 4th Generation.

            2. Hiram P. Lindsey was b. 18 May 1809 near Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY.  Hiram's middle initial was P, his cousin was John Parks Lindsey; this suggests that their grandmother Rebecca, whose last name is otherwise unknown, may have been a Parks, and Hiram's middle name was also Parks.  Jane Lindsey, b.c. 1813, in the LFBR, was his wife, since her exact birth date is not given; nor was there more than one daughter of James of this age counted in the 1819 Census.  

            There is a Hiram Lindsey (spelled with an E), age 20-30, listed in the 1830 US Census in Washington Co. KY, with 1F 15-20 (Jane would have been 17 or 18) and 2M under 5.  The children are not in the LFBR.  It is highly unlikely that this is Hiram P. Lindsey as this one appears to be the Hiram Lindsay (spelled with an A) who was in Marion Co. KY in 1840.  [This is non-relevant evidence included to show the extent of corroborative and non-corroborative research performed.] 

            Besides which, just as Hiram P. Lindsey's mother Agnes had died during the 1833 cholera epidemic, he d. 20 Aug. 1833 and Jane 29 Aug. 1833 (LFBR).  They were probably buried in the family cemetery. 

            3. Emily A. Lindsey was b. 28 Mar. 1813 near Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY; married Robert L. Thompson there 13 Apr. 1831.  They had 8-12 children who have not been researched very far yet.  Indications are that she died between 1854 and 1860.  Robert, b. 9 Sep. 1802 in Harrison Co. KY, d. 24 Feb. 1886, although his death still needs to be corroborated.

Fourth Generation

Children of David Duncan & Lydia (Lamb) Lindsey

(per LFBR, Emily, et al.) 

            1. Mary J. Lindsey, b.25 Nov. 1832, Vermilion Co. IL.  She is accounted for in the 1850 US Census in her father's household.  She married 12 Feb. 1857, John S. Freeland, b. 7 Aug. 1826 in Indiana.  License 11 Feb. 1857 Book SA p. 168 # 3055.  Mar. performed by S. Newell M.G. (Minister of the Gospel); recorded 12 Feb. 1857, Book B p. 16.  (Edgar County, Illinois Marriages, 1860-1877, [Edgar County Gen. Soc., 1989] vol. ii, p. 56.)  They removed to Topeka, Shawnee Co. in Kansas Terr., to farm (1860 US Census for KS Terr.) and had 10 children (see Fifth Generation), all b. there 1857-1872.  In the 1870 US Census, they appear in the same place with a P.O. at Waveland.  The 1880 US Census for Shawnee Co. has them in District 17.  They were still there in 1900, but by 1910 had retired to Kingfisher Ward 1, Kingfisher Co. OK, according to the US Census for that year.  Both were still alive in Kingfisher, he 93 yrs. old and she 85, in the 1920 US Census. 

            John Sedwick Freeland,  b. Aug. 7, 1826 d. Oct. 16, 1922 , and Mary Jane LindseyFreeland, b. Nov. 25, 1832 d. Nov. 10, 1924, share a headstone in the Kingfisher Cemetery  at Kingfisher, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma.  [Findagrave]

            2. Nancy "Nan" A. Lindsey, b. 20 Nov. 1834, Vermilion Co. IL.  She is accounted for in the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses of her father's household.  In the latter she is described as a "Teacher Com. School."  She married 6 Feb. 1862, William Milton "Milt" Turner, b. 2 Jan. 1824 (in Virginia).  (Edgar County, Illinois Marriages, 1860-1877, [Edgar County Gen. Soc., 1989] vol. ii, p.108.  B/43.)  Nancy and her husband remained in Paris until 1870, but were in Jackson Creek (P.O. at Arcola), Moultrie Co. IL, by mid-July for the 1870 US Census.  They joined other members of the Lindsey family in Labette Co. KS in 1872/73.  They had 6 children (see Fifth Generation) : four of whom were b. in Paris IL 1863-70; one in Moultrie IL in 1872; one in Labette KS in 1873.  They appear in the 1880 US Census for Liberty, Labette Co. KS.  She d. 23 Dec. 1893, Labette KS.  Her husband survived her and moved in with their daughter Jessie and her husband Fred Payne in Parsons Ward 1, Labette Co. KS, by the time of the 1900 US Census.  Presumed deceased before 1910. 

            3. John Cyrus Lindsey, b. 19 Dec. 1836, Vermilion Co. IL.  He is accounted for in the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses for her father's household, working with his father on the farm.  He d. Oct. 1865 in Missouri.  Emily has no indication that he was married, had children, or how he died. 

            4. Emily, b. 29 Jan. 1838, Vermilion Co. IL.  She is accounted for in the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses for her father's household.  In the latter she is described as a "Teacher Com. School."  She appears in the US Censuses 1870 and 1880, latterly known as Emma, with her parents, in Springfield MO.  The 1880 Census says she has "Asma."  After the death of her father in 1891 and her mother in 1893, Emily appears in the 1900 US Census for Springfield MO, age 62, single, with her Own Income.  The classic spinster aunt, she spent a LOT of time and stamps putting together the "Genealogy of the Lindsey Family" manuscript.  In February 1901 she finished it off. Search for her death before 1910 was fruitless.  With her own income, Emily appears to have kicked over the traces.  She shows up as Emily Lindsey, age 72, single, father b. KY, mother b. NC, occupation Care of Club Room, in the 1910 Census for Riverside City, Riverside CA.  Her sister Anna and husband Andrew Monfort are not far away.  Still haven't found her date of death or a grave.   

            5. David Duncan Lindsey Jr., b. 30 Oct. 1840, Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  He appears in the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses with his father, and in the latter, farming with his father.  In the 1870 US Census, he has his own farm "next door" to his sister Caroline and her husband, Samuel B. Mortimer, at Osage, Labette Co. KS.  He mar., 23 Mar. 1876, Susan V. Miller-Foster, so-called because her maiden name was Miller and her first husband was named Foster.  She brought her first husband's children to the marriage:  John C. Foster, b. 1874, Kansas; Ella Foster, b. 1878, Kansas.  They had 3 more children.  They remained in Osage for the 1880, 1900 and 1910 US Censuses.            David D. Lindsey, b. 1840, d. 1915, and Susan V. Lindsey,  b. 1853, d. 1929, are buried in Harmony Grove Cemetery at Dennis, Labette County, Kansas.  [Findagrave] 

            6. Lydia Anne "Anna" Lindsey, b. 18 Nov. 1842, Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  She appears in her father's household in the 1850-1870 US Censuses.  She mar. 26 Feb. 1874, Springfield MO,  to Andrew R. Monfort (b. 30 Dec 1840, Franklin IN).  They had 4 children:  2 born in Oswego Co. KS. In the 1880 US Census, they appear in Boone, Boone Co. IA, where their third child was born.  Andrew was a grocer, and his niece, the 17 yr. old Bessie A., is with them and in school; but she did not go west with them.   

            By 1883, they were in Tacoma WA, where their fourth child was born.  They appear in the 1885 Tacoma, Pierce Co. WA Census, under A. R. Monfort.  Before the 1895 KS State Census  they had returned eastward and were at Fort Scott Ward 5, Bourbon Co. KS  under the name of A. R. Monfort.  In the 1900 US Census for Fort Scott Ward 5, Bourbon Co. KS, they are still there, under the name of Montfort.  The Fort Scott 1900-1 City Directory lists all of the family who were of age at 1117 Scott St.:  Andrew R (Mrs. Anna L.), Miss Florence, Miss Lou (teacher Bell School), and Ray (opr K C, Ft S & M (Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railroad).  In the 1910 and 1920 US Censuses, they are found in, respectively, Wards 2 and 1, in Riverside City, Riverside Co. CA, with their two daughters.  Anna's sister Emily is not far away.  Andrew was deceased by 1930, when Anna, widow aged 87, is in her son Ray's household in Perris Twp., Riverside Co. CA..         

        7. Caroline M. Lindsey, b. 27 Mar. 1845, Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  She appears in her father's household in the 1850 and 1860 US Censuses.  She mar. 6 Apr. 1868, Paris IL, to Samuel B. Mortimer (from Connecticut).  They moved to Osage, Labette Co. KS and appear there in the 1870 US Census.  The first of three daughters was born here.  By mid-1876, they had moved to Ottumwa, Wapello Co. IA, where their second daughter was born.  There they appear in the 1880 US Census and had their third daughter, then continuing to Montana by 1899 (which is Emily's last reference to them in her 1901 "Genealogy...").  In 1900 they have reappeared in the east at Springfield Ward 2, Greene Co. MO.  They had 3 daughters.  One of the daughters accompanied them  and appears with them in the US Censuses for 1910 and 1920, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co. CA.  They are not found in 1930. 

            8. Louisa Catherine Lindsey, b. 6 Dec. 1847, Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  She remained with her parents (US Censuses 1850-1880), predeceasing them 20 Apr. 1888.  Buried at Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.   Findagrave:  b. 1848 (sic) d. Apr. 20, 1888. 

            9. William Edward Lindsey, b. 23 Nov. 1851, Montgomery Twp., Owen Co. IN.  He appears in the US Censuses for 1860 and 1870 in his father's household under the name of Edward.  He  married 1875, Newport IN, to (Mary) Belle M. Nixon, b. about 19 Feb.1857, Newport IN.  William was a drug sales traveler.  They were residing in Sidney, Champaign Co. IL, when their son was born in 1881.  They are in the US Census 1900 for Danville, Vermilion IL.  Same in 1910, without son.  In 1920 Census for Danville Ward 2.  One son.   

            10. Joseph Macy Lindsey, b. 11 Oct. 1854, Paris, Edgar Co. IL.  ("Grandmother [Ella Kirkman Lindsey]...told me that Grandfather was named Joseph Macy Lindsey, but did not like the Macy...so he took a name which began with an H. --for friends of his....[D.P.P. in a note in Emily's "Genealogy..." (1901) p. 21.])  At some time before he married he began using the name Joe H. Lindsey, for all purposes dropping the "pretentious" Macy, as he considered it, and adopting the initial of a friend, perhaps one of the Hulses in Paris.  Joseph appears in his father's household in the 1860 and 1870 US Censuses. His parents were able to afford sending him to Drury College in Springfield MO, where he taught mathematics for a while.  This time period is estimated as 1872-1877. 

            Joe H. Lindsey mar. 22 May 1877, Paris, Edgar Co. IL to Ella Dinsmore Kirkman, b. 26 Oct. 1856, Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN.  They moved to Labette Co. KS where they appear in the US Census as:  Joe (25 yrs.) and Ella (23 yrs.) "Lindsy."  He is a farmer.  Daughter Amy was born the following year.   They moved around some-- 

Wichita City Directories { Midwest Historical & Genealogical Society, Wichita, Kansas  http://skyways.lib.ks.us/genweb/mhgs/citydirindex.htm 

(Accessed 12 December 2002 by Kathleen Kirkman Marsh & emailed to DLW)}

1885 City Directory

Lindsey Joe H. IL Examiner Lombard Mortgage Co. 110 W. Lewis St. Resident

Third Annual Directory of the City of Wichita for 1887

Lindsey, J. H., fr Ill, inspec Kan L & Inv Co., r 212 Mathewson

1888 City Directory

Lindsey, Joe H, auditor Kan Loan & Inv Co, r 1033 s Laura


Lindsay, Joe H., Auditor Kans Loan and Investmt Co, r 1033 Laura

            --daughter Marion Elizabeth was born in Wichita-- before settling, more or less, in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co. AR.  Joe was in the real estate business and what we now call "flipping" houses.  ... * ...He d. 14 Jan. 1914 in Fort Smith.  Two daughters. 

Fifth Generation

Grandchildren of David Duncan & Lydia (Lamb) Lindsey

(from Emily Lindsey's "Genealogy of the Lindsey Family" (1901) et al.)

N.B.:  The number identification reflects their parents in the Fourth Generation. 

            1a. Hesten Freeland, b. 16 Dec 1857, Topeka KS; married 11 Dec 1878, Topeka KS to Martha Foster.  Three children by 2/1901: i. Ray Freeland, b. 20 Dec. 1879 Topeka, ii. Herbert Freeland, b. 2 Aug. 1882 Topeka, iii. Hope Freeland, b. 11 March 1885 Tacoma.  Removed to Tacoma, Washington.

            1b. Harriet Freeland (twin), b. 16 Dec. 1857, Topeka KS; married 21 Apr. 1883, Topeka KS to Louis Wiggin.  No children before 2/1901.

            1c. Martin Luther Freeland, b. 1 Feb. 1860, Topeka KS; married 21 May 1886, Topeka KS to May L. Rice.  One son by 2/1901:  i. Paul Lindsey Freeland, b. 8 March 1889 Topeka.

            1d. Lyra Rebecca Freeland, b. 7 Sep 1861, Topeka KS; married 22 Nov. 1883, Topeka KS to William J. Peck.  Six children by 2/1901:  i. Mabel Peck, b. 14 May 1886 Topeka, ii. Pearl A. Peck, b. 30 Apr. 1888 Topeka, iii. Blanch Peck, b. 20 Sep. 1889 Topeka, iv. Earl Peck, b. 25 March 1892 Topeka, v. Ruth J. Peck, b. 2 July 1899 Topeka, vi. Marie Peck, b. 8 Aug. 1900 Topeka.

            1e. Mary Roxana Freeland, b. 8 Aug. 1863, Topeka KS; d. 2 Sep 1864, Topeka.

            1f. Lydia Lindsey Freeland, b. 3 June 1865, Topeka KS; married 31 Oct. 1882, Topeka KS to Dexter P. Meacham.  Four children by 2/1901:  i. Claud Meacham, b. 31 July 1883, ii. Raymond Meacham, b. 15 Aug. 1886, iii. May Meacham, b. 17 Nov. 1889, iv. Earl Meacham, b. 4 Apr. 1896.  Emily gave no place of birth for the kids.

            1g. Benjamin Franklin Freeland, b. 17 June 1867, Topeka KS

            1h. John S. Freeland, b. 30 June 1869, Topeka KS

            1i. May Elizabeth Freeland, b. 16 Feb. 1871, Topeka KS; married 28 Nov. 1894, Topeka KS to William H. Wakeman.  Four children by 2/1901:  i. Joe Wakeman, b. 16 Sep. 1895 Topeka, ii. Elmer Wakeman, b. 28 July 1897 Topeka, iii. Grant Wakeman, b. 13 Dec. 1898 Topeka, iv. Wilbur Wakeman, b. 15 March 1900 Topeka.

            1j. Julia Rowena Freeland, b. 3 June 1872, Topeka KS; married 29 Sep. 1900, Denver CO to Thomas M. Braxton.  No children by 2/1901. 

            2a. Minnie May Turner, b. 1 Apr. 1863, Paris IL; married 27 Nov. 1884, Labette Co. KS to James H. Hudson.  Minnie M. Hudson d. 14 July 1885, Cherryvale KS.

            2b. Edward L. Turner, 11 Aug. 1865, Paris IL; married 27 Nov. 1896, Parsons KS to Dessa M. White.  Three children, one by 2/1901:  i. Virgie Turner, b. 25 Sep. 1897 Parsons, and from the 1910 US Census for Parsons Ward 1, Labette KS, ii. Ivy Turner, b.c. 1907, iii. Vernon Turner, b. 1909.

            2c. William D. Turner, b. 7 Mar. 1868, Paris IL; 25 Apr. 1892, Carthage MO to Myra Danford.  One child by 2/1901:  i. Lulu M. Turner, b. 30 Jan. Carthage MO.

            2d. Herbert A. Turner, b.5 Apr. 1870, Paris IL; married 14 Sep. 1895, Carthage MO to Elsie Smith.  Two children by 2/1901:  i. Bernice W. Turner, b. 22 June 1896 Carthage, ii. Ellen Maud Turner, b. 14 Nov. 1898 in Kansas; and, from 1910 US Census for Duenweg, Jasper Co. MO:  iii. --? , b/d 1900-9, iv. Nellie M. Turner, b. 1904 in Missouri.

            2e. Grace Mabel Turner, b. 8 Dec. 1872, Moultrie Co. IL; married 2 June 1897, Parsons KS to Chester B. Wells.  One child by 2/1901:  i. Cecil Beatrice Wells, b. 20 Dec. 1899 Parsons; and according to 1910 US Census for Parsons Ward 1, ii. Elsie L. Wells, b.c. 1903 Parsons.

            2f. Jessie Maud Turner, b. 11 May 1878, Labette KS; married 18 Sep. 1898, Parsons KS to Fred Payne.  One child by 2/1901:  i. Earl M. Payne, b. 5 Sep. 1899 Parsons; and from 1910-20 US Censuses for Parsons Ward 1:  ii. Herbert M. Payne, b.c.1902, iii. Grace C. Payne, b.c. 1905, iv. Roma L. Payne, b.c. 1908, v. Georgia Payne, b.c. 1911. 

            5a. Raymond Duncan Lindsey, b. 17 Sep. 1877, Cherryvale, Mortimer (acc. to Emily, but could be Twp. name), Labette Co. KS.  Cherryvale is in Montgomery Co. KS, but close enough to the County line with Labette Co. that he could have gotten mail at Cherryvale but actually lived in Labette.  (See his 1916 address, below.) 

            Ray married c. 1905, Osage, Labette KS to Ermina  May  --? , b.c. 1880 in Kansas.  (There is a suggestion that she may be Ermina May Barker, b. Sep. 1880, of Quindaro, Wyandotte Co. KS.  The suggestion comes from a few hints that she preferred the name May, and names her second daughter Virginia, which is where her father was born.)  In 1910, they were living at 1637 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, Douglas Co. KS, where, at the age of 32, Ray had been in school in the previous year and was teaching (it looks like) Zoology, perhaps at the University of Kansas.  (See his sisters' careers.)  Ray is in the 1915 KS State Census in Saratoga, Pratt Co. KS, with wife E.M., 34, and daughters Zella M., 7, and Vergina M., 4.

            By the time he registered for the draft on 12 Sep. 1916, he was farming at RFD #3 Cherryvale, Labette Co. KS.  In 1920 they appear in Osage Twp., Labette Co. KS, where he was farming.  The 1925 KS State Census lists the four of them, same place; only Ray is farming, the ladies not working.  Ray's wife is called May E. in the 1930 US Census for the same place; he is farming, she teaching school.  Ray d. 1955. 

            Ray and his wife had 2 daughters:  i.  Zella, b. 1908 prob. Labette Co. KS.  She mar. 1925 Arletty [sp? Arthur?  Search unsuccessful.] A Carr, b. 1906 of Kansas.  They are in the 1930 US Census at Mound Valley, Labette Co. KS, where he is a Laborer at Odd Jobs.      ii. Virginia May, b. 1910 in Lawrence, KS.  She married Paul R. Weidman, b. 1907 in Cleveland OH.  Paul d. 1983; Virginia d. 1991; survived by kids.   

            5b. Lydia Almira Lindsey, b. 2 Sep. 1880, Mortimer (acc. to Emily; see place name discussion at Ray, above; also see below c. 1925) KS.  She appears in the 1885 and 1895 KS State Censuses of her father's household in Osage, Labette Co. KS; same place in the 1900 US Census.   

            Across the country, the strongest appeal for a young person to go abroad came from recruiters for the missionary societies. Thus Katherine Hansen, KU Class of 1905, daughter of a Danish immigrant who settled and became prosperous on the open spaces of northwest Kansas, went to Japan—and spent a lifetime there as a musical educator. The university was only marginally involved in the choice that Kate (and her lifelong friend Lydia Lindsay) made to go abroad. Both young women were attracted into mission work by the activities on the Lawrence campus of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions. This organization, with campus chapters and societies throughout the country, called upon young people to “win the world for Christianity.” Local Protestant churches and campus officers of the Young Men’s (YMCA) and Young Women’s (YWCA) Christian Associations supported its efforts. Kate Hansen kept a diary that allows the reader to trace her gradual commitment to the life of a missionary teacher abroad—-there is no mention in these pages of any involvement of the university (or any of her teachers). Nor, for that matter, is there any mention of money: missionaries where expected to find support where they could, starting with their home church and its denomination.  [spencer.lib.ku.edu/heller/chpt2.shtml] 

            Lydia does not appear in the 1910 Census, but with her degree from the U. of Kansas at Douglas, left the U.S. as a missionary English teacher on 15 Aug. 1907 and was  residing in Sendai, Japan, when she was issued a passport by the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo on 15 May 1912 for the purpose of traveling through Siberia and Russia in July and August of that year.  Lydia Thirza [sp? or poss. her Japanese name?] Lindsey, same birth and hometown data, returned from Liverpool, England on the "Baltic," arriving in New York on 24 Aug. 1912.   In the following year, she took her graduate degree and, in 1914, returned to Japan.  She and her sister Lola, along with Kate Ingeborg Hansen, from Logan, Kansas, another missionary teacher, appear on a July 1919 Yokohama to San Francisco Passenger list for the "Korea Maru."  In Jan. 1920 US Census, she was in lodgings with Kate Ingeborg Hansen, in Manhattan Assembly Dist. 13, New York NY.  She also appears in the 1920 US Census for Cherryvale, Montgomery Co. KS, in her widowed mother's household at 409 E. 3rd St.  She is described as a missionary teacher, home on furlough, from Japan.   

            On her new passport application dated Oct. 1920 at Philadelphia PA, she states that she had resided at Sendai, Japan, from Sept. 1907 to July 1912 and from March 1914 to July 1919.  Her last passport had been taken up at San Francisco, and she now plans to leave again for Japan from San Francisco, Dec. 11 on the "S.S. Venezuela."   On 26 July 1925, she arrived back from Yokohama in Seattle WA aboard the "Empress of Canada."  On this list, while giving her home address as 409 East Third, Cherryvale, Kan., she gives her birthplace as Mortimer, Kansas.  Her "tours of duty" as a missionary were apparently for five years at a time.  She arrived back in New York 7 Aug. 1933 aboard the "American Merchant" out of London, England 29 July.  On this list she gave her home as 411 North Neosho St., Cherryvale and her birthplace as Cherryvale KS.   

            She departed tourist class 27 July 1934 on the "SS President Taft" from Los Angeles, disembarking at Honolulu.  She was among the Cabin Class passengers on the "SS Matsonia"  from San Francisco on 25 July 1940 bound for Honolulu.  On this list she gave her last arrival in the U.S. as 20 July '39 and her most recent stateside address as Fairplay CO.  In the year between, she was on the lecture circuit.   

            "Miss Lydia A. Lindsey, a missionary of the Evangelical and Reformed denominations in Sendai, Japan, who is home on furlough, spoke at the Sunday morning services at the St. Peter Evangelical and Reformed church in Kiel.  Miss Lindsey, who heads the English department of the Miyagi college in Sendai, told about her work as a teacher in the Christian school founded by missionaries of the Reformed church in 1886 in the city of Sendai.  At that time it was the only school for girls of high school grade north of Tokyo.  When Miss Lindsey arrived at the school in 1907 it was still only a high school but already its graduates were beginning to plead for further study  By 1916 the school had developed into a college with four separate departments: home economics, Bible training, English teachers' training and a music conservatory. At present the students in the high school number more than 300 and those in the college about 150...Graduates from the conservatory and from the English department serve as teachers in government and Christian high schools all over the empire. Many of the English course graduates secure positions in business offices and in the International Telephone company where the ability to speak and understand English is essential...Miss Lindsey is scheduled to speak at St. John's Reformed church in New Holstein and in the various Reformed churches in Sheboygan and other cities this week."  [Sheboygan (WI) Press, Jan. 30, 1940, p. 2.]    "On Friday, Feb. 2, Miss Lydia Lindsey of Miyagi college, Sendai, Japan, spoke to the students in the Junior and Senior High school assembly.  Immediately following this program, Miss Lindsey addressed the pupils in grades four, five and six" giving "a very interesting talk on the habits and customs of the Japanese people."  ["Kohler School...," Sheboygan (WI) Press, Feb. 9, 1940, no p.] 

            Her next arrival was on the "SS Taiyo Maru" from Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii on 1 Nov. 1941, on which she gave her U.S. address as P.O. Box 133, Fairplay CO.  She was scheduled to go aboard the "SS Lurline" at Honolulu on 21 Nov. 1941, but she cancelled.  There are obviously some records that have not come to light. 

Hansen, Miss Kate, I., (Mus.D.) Heighton, Miss Ruth L., 1935, 1907, ERG 16 Juniken Cho, PCC % Board. Komegafukuro, Sendai. (Tel. 3673).

Llndsey, Miss Lydia A.,1907.ERC 16 Jimiken Cho, Komegafukuro, Sendai.(Tel.3673) 


               Her 1951 return home, age 71, was done in two stages.  She sailed from Yokohama on 7 Aug.  on board the "Kyska" arriving in Honolulu on 16 Aug.  Her ultimate destination was Logan, Kansas.  After spending almost two weeks in Hawaii, she departed 28 Aug. on board the "SS Alawai", arriving at New York 17 Sept.  Her destination was more specific: c/o K. I. Hansen, Logan KS, the home of her missionary friend.  She probably signed up for Social Security in Philadelphia on her way back to Kansas.   

               In 1952, Lydia was a weekend guest of Rev. and Mrs. Koehler and spoke at the regional meeting of the Women's Guild of the Evangelical and Reformed Church held at the Grace Church in Kohler WI: 

                               "While in Japan, Miss Lindsey was head of the English department

                at Miyagi College at Sendai. She was given a citation by the Japanese

               government for her work and also received recognition from General Douglas

               MacArthur."  ["Missionary To Be Honored For Work In Japan," Sheboygan (Wis.)

               Press, May 8, 1952, p.17.] 

               Among the five University of Kansas alumni to receive the university's and alumni association's 1955 awards 
              for distinguished service, presented at the June 6 commencement, were:  "Dr. Kate Hansen, classes of 1905 
              and 1913, Logan, Kas., retired educator and missionary to Japan," and "Lydia Lindsey, class of 1905 with a 
              graduate degree in 1913.  Now living in Arkansas City, she served with Dr. Hansen in a pioneering educational 
              institution for girls in Japan.  She formerly lived at Cherryvale."   
             ["Five KU Alums Get '55 Service Awards," Great Bend Daily Tribune, May 8, 1955, Sec. B p.5.]  
Name:  Lydia Lindsey    Born:  6 Sep 1880    SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1951)   

Last Residence: Arkansas City, Cowley, Kansas 67005    Died:  Feb 1971

Source Information: Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2010.  Original data: Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration. 

               5c. Lola E. Lindsey, b. 2 Dec. 1885, Mortimer (acc. to Emily; see place name discussions at Ray and Lydia, above), near Dennis, KS.  She appears in the 1895 KS State Census of her father's household in Osage, Labette Co. KS; same place in the 1900 and 1910 US Censuses.  Passport application 1 June 1916 for four years of teaching in the mission school in Japan and travel in India; she lives at 310 West 10th St., and is a bookkeeper in Coffeyville KS; her intent was to leave San Francisco on the Tenyo Maru on 26 Aug. 1916; approved 9 June 1916.  Lola returned in time for the 1920 US Census for Cherryvale, Montgomery Co. KS, in her widowed mother's household at 409 E. 3rd St.  She is described as a High School teacher.  In the 1930 US Census for 411 No. Neosho St., Cherryvale, she was lodging with Anna Birch, a 38 year old bookkeeper for the Fruit Co.; Lola was a teacher in the public schools.  By 1939 at the latest, she was living in Fairplay, Park Co. CO and, it is suggested, working as a contract school teacher.  Sister Lydia used this as her U.S. address in 1940. 

Name:  Lola Lindsey  Born: 2 Dec 1885  SSN issued:               Colorado (1951-1952)

Last Residence: Fairplay, Park, Colorado 80440  Died: Feb 1972

Source Information: Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2010.  Original data: Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration. 

               6a. Florence Monfort, b. 2 May 1876, Oswego KS.  Remained in her father's household in all Censuses 1880-1920.  In the 1885 Washington Census, she is misspelled as Laurence despite being Female.  In 1910 she is misspelled as Flowerence.  She was apparently deceased before 1930. 

               6b. Louise "Lou" Monfort, b. 12 Jan. 1878, Oswego KS.  Remained in her father's household 1880-1920 US Censuses.  In the 1895 KS State Census she is called Lulu.  A Louise Monfort, of the right age and birthplaces, was lodging at 357 Chestnut St. with Andrew and Catherine Smith, in the 1930 US Census for Reno, Nevada,.  They are in their 60s; no occupations are shown. 

               6c. Ray David Monfort, b. 15 Sep. 1879, Boone IA.  He appears in the 1880 US Census as David R., 8/12, in his father's household.  In the 1885 Washington Census he is called Ray.  He is called David R. in his father's 1895 KS State Census.  He is in the 1900 US Census with his father, and moved to Riverside CA (1910 US Census with his parents).  He registered for the draft on Sept. 12, 1918 while living in Moapa, Clark Co., NV, where he was working as a R.R. Operator for the L.A.&I.L.R.R.Co.; he gave his mother, Anna L. Monfort, in Riverside CA as his next of kin.  In the 1920 US Census for Moapa, he is living alone and working for Western Union as a Telegraph Operator. By 1930, Ray had returned to Riverside Co. CA where he was a poultry farmer in Perris Twp.; his mother was with him by that time.  Unmarried; no children. 

               6d. Arthur Lindsey Monfort, b. 6 Sep. 1883, Tacoma WA.  In the 1885 Washington Census for his father, he is indicated as an "(infant)" M.  He continues to appear in his father's household through 1910 in Riverside CA.  In 1914 or '15 he married Tennie --?, b. 1880-1 in CA.  When he registered for the draft (form undated), he was a shipbuilder for the S. W. Ship Co., and living at 741 Mesa St., San Pedro, with Tennie.  He is described as having an Odd Fellows Emblem tattooed on his right arm, and a Red Men Emblem on his left.   In 1930, they were living in District 36 in Ward 2 of Riverside City, CA, he a cement laborer, she a hotel laundress.  No children. 

Name:  Arthur L Monfort     Birth Date:  6 Sep 1883     Birthplace:  Washington

Death Date: 13 Nov 1965  Death Place:  San Bernardino

 Mother's Maiden Name:  Lindsey

Source Information:  Ancestry.com. California Death Index, 1940-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2000.  Original data: State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA, USA: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics. 

               7a. Sada E. Mortimer, b. 3 Feb. 1872, Labette KS; married 12 July 1899, Boseman MT to Joseph H. Kay.  One child by 2/1901:  Hellen M. Kay, b. 1900 Boseman MT

               7b. Cora E. Mortimer, b. 6 July, 1876, Ottumwa IA

               7c. Grace May Mortimer, b. 21 May 1882, Ottumwa IA 

               9a. Robert Nixon Lindsey, b. 21 Mar. 1881, Sidney, Champaign IL (Entry 2429 in Champaign Co. Register of Births, Champaign Co. Hist. & Gen. Index, Urbana IL).  [According to a source I found somewhere, he  d. 1907 unmarried, in an accident.  Nevertheless I am bracketing the information until I find it again.] 

               10a. Amy Hannah Lindsey, b.21 Sep. 1881, Labette KS; married Oliver King Porterfield (b. 26 Sep. 1877, Pine Bluff AR).  Four daughters:  i. Dorothy Porterfield, b. 22 Jan 1908, Sherman TX; ii. Janice Lula Porterfield, b. 9 July 1911, Denison TX; iii. Amy Hannah Porterfield, b. 13 Dec. 1912, Denison TX; iv. Olive Porterfield (twin), b. 13 Dec. 1912, Denison TX.  Amy divorced Oliver in 1924 after he removed from Fort Smith in 1923.  One by one, her daughters moved to Washington, DC, where the good jobs were.  She finally followed about 1938/39 and then moved, about 1940, to Hayfield, Frederick Co. VA, near Winchester.  ... * ...  Died in Quakertown, Bucks Co. PA in 1963.  Buried in Winchester, Frederick Co. VA. 

               10b. Marion Elizabeth "Bess" Lindsey, 1 Aug. 1890, Wichita KS; married Albert Edward Luster (b. 5 Apr. 1885, Wills Point, Van Zandt TX).  Their children:  i. Albert Lindsey Luster, b. 28 Mar. 1918, Fort Smith AR; ii. Ruth Luster, b. 3 Mar. 1923, Fort Smith AR; iii. Marion Luster, b. 24 Mar. 1926, Fort Smith AR.  Bess and her family had moved to California by the time of her mother's death in 1928.  ... * ...  Albert d. 9 June 1959, Norwalk, Riverside CA.  Bess died 20 Feb. 1972, Arcadia, Los Angeles CA. 

N.B.:  Several profiles have "... * ..." indicated.  This means there is a lot more that has not been included here, for one reason or another.  Inquiries may be made to   for more information.  

Merging the Sources

(for Lindsey-named children only) 

In Lindsey Family Bible Records                   In Makemson Family Bible                             In both

Additions from Emily Lindsey's  "Genealogy..." (1901) 

1. David Lindsey c1740 -1814

    + Rebecca (Parks--?) c1741-1792


       2. (Eliza) Jane Lindsey 1772-1858

           + Thomas Makemson            

               3.                           9 MAKEMSON CH                                               >>>

       2. John Lindsey 1773-

            +              Glass                                      LINDSAY                                >>>

            + Sophia Lanterman

               3. Abraham Lindsay 1819-               LINDSAY                              >>>

       2. Isabel c1774/Isabella c1779 -1831

            + William Newell c1775-1831

               3.                            5 NEWELL CH                                                     >>>

       2. James Lindsey c1777-1817

            + Agnes / Nancy Duncan 1786-1833

               3. David Duncan Lindsey 1807-1891

                   + Lydia Lamb 1815-1893

                      4. Mary J. Lindsey 1832-1924

                          + John S. Freeland 1826-1922

                             5.    FREELAND                                                          >>>

                      4. Nancy Lindsey 1834-1893

                           + William M. Turner 1824-bef1910

                              5.   TURNER                                                               >>>

                      4. John Cyrus Lindsey 1836-1865

                      4. Emily Lindsey 1838-

                      4. David Duncan Lindsey Jr. 1840-1915

                           + Susan V. Miller-Foster 1853-1929

                               5. Raymond Duncan Lindsey 1877-1955

                                    + Ermina May  --?  c1880-

                                        6. Zella M. Lindsey 1908-

                                            + Arletty? A. Carr c1906-

                                        6. Virginia May Lindsey 1910-91

                                                             + Paul R Weidman 1907=83               >>>

                               5. Lydia Almira Lindsey 1880-1971

                               5. Lola E. Lindsey 1885-1972

                      4. Lydia Ann Lindsey 1842-

                          + Andrew Monfort 1840-

                              5.  MONFORT                                                            no descendants  

                      4. Caroline M. Lindsey 1845-

                           + Samuel B. Mortimer

                               5.  MORTIMER                                                           >>>

                       4. Louisa Catherine Lindsey 1847-1888

                       4. William Edward Lindsey 1851-

                            + (Mary) Belle M. Nixon 1857-

                                 5. Robert Nixon Lindsey 1881-1907                    no descendants

                       4. Joseph (Macy) H. Lindsey 1854-1914

                            + Ella Dinsmore Kirkman 1856-1927

                                5. Amy Hannah Lindsey 1881-1963

                                    + Oliver King Porterfield 1877-1946              >>>

                                5. Marion Elizabeth Lindsey 1890-1972

                                     + Albert Edward Luster 1885-1959                >>>

               3. Hiram P. Lindsey 1809-1833                                                         no descendants

                    + Jane --? c1813-1833

               3. Emily Lindsey 1813-

                    + Robert Thompson 1802-

                        4.   THOMPSON                                                                            >>>

       2. Margaret Lindsey 1782-1845

            + John Makemson

               3.                            MAKEMSON                                                            >>>

       2. Mary Lindsey 1782/87-

            + John Glass

               3.                            GLASS                                                                      >>>

       2. David Lindsey Jr. c1783-1817                           

            + Jane/Jean Ferguson

               3. Nancy Hilyard Lindsey

               3. John Parks Lindsey c1815-                     LINDSAY                 >>>

                    + Nancy --?

                        4. Ralph

                        4. Sidney

                        4. Mary

               3. David Henry Lindsey 1817-                         LINDSAY                  >>>

                   + Sophronia  --?

                        4. John

                        4. William

                        4. Mary

       2. Ann Lindsey c 1784-

            + Andrew Makemson

               3.                            MAKEMSON                                                             >>>

       2. William Lindsey c1786-1842

            + Rebecca McDale

               3.                            LINDSEY                                LINDSAY                  >>>

       2. Rebecca Lindsey c1788-

            + William Montgomery c1786-

               3.                            MONTGOMERY                                                        >>>

       2. Joseph Lindsey                                                     LINDSAY?

       2. Samuel Lindsey d.1814 or c.1828                      LINDSAY?

    + Nancy McNey/McNay c1753-1828